Judge Chenoweth Calls For Sustained Peace

The Judge of the 13th Judicial Circuit in Kakata, Margibi County, Mardea Tarr- Chenoweth, is calling on Liberians to do everything to upholding the peace in Liberia as the country gradually moves towards another general and presidential elections

Judge Chenoweth said there can be no greater good for the country then for its citizens to maintain the current peace enjoyed for the last ten years with the support of the international community.

Judge Chenoweth made the statement on Monday in Kakata when she delivered the Judge’s charge at program marking the formal opening of court for the August Term.

Speaking on the topic: “Upholding the Peace”, Judge Chenoweth said in the wake of upholding the peace, Liberians must refrain from acts that provoke dissatisfaction, injustices and conflicts.

The female Judge further said the peace that Liberians are enjoying today comes as a great break of light “and therefore Liberians must be very sensitive to situation that tends to send us back to calamity”.

She also said in keeping the peace in the country, the Judiciary also has a very vital role to play in maintaining the peace in the country adding “Cases being adjudicated by the court are not properly done in accordance with laws and allow sentiments to permeate their minds, the court could render a wrongful judgment that will cause an aggrieved party to result to lawlessness that could cause a setback in upholding the peace.”

She used the occasion to call on judges, lawyers, magistrates and city solicitors across the country to always do the right thing within the ambit of the laws and not engage in acts inimical to the laws.

In responding to the Judge’s charge, the Dean of the local bar, Margibi County Acting County Attorney, Isaac Liverpool George said he was very much delighted to see another term of court.

Attorney George said his office will work along with the court to ensure the speedy adjudication of criminal cases on the trial docket for this August AD, 2015 Term of Court.

He also expressed the hope to see more cases tried before the end of the August Term of Court as during the last term, there were far less cases handled as a result of the absence of lawyers representing parties in most instances.

There are 26 cases including 17 civil cases and 9 criminal cases on the trial docket for the August AD. 2015 Term of Court.