Above The Law?

By: Sobondo K. Fayiah/Intern

Several Liberians in Monrovia and its environs have complained of government officials including members of Liberia National Police (LNP) are usually seen violating the traffic laws by leaving their original lanes and riding on the opposite lanes with speed, emergency lights and blaring sirens.

They said these officials are usually seen during the morning and evening hours violating the traffic ordinance by putting on their sirens or emergency lights and taking the opposite directions while ordinary commuters and private vehicles are seen queued in long lines driving slowly, thus prompting Liberians to term their action as lawbreakers instead of being lawmakers and enforcers.

“Officials of government who violate the traffic rule feel that they are above the law, that’s why they keep breaking the law every time because of the power they have in the country so they are not to be punished if even they violate,” one commuter riding from Paynesville to central Monrovia, only identified as James, complained.

James remarked: “These officials use their power to intimidate the traffic police officers and also think they are superior to the ordinary people.”

The traffic rules dictate that vehicle operators should not leave their lanes for an opposite lane, except ambulances, presidential convoy and other VIPs as determined by state security.