‘Not Fascinated By Honors’ -WAJA President

By Mafanta Kromah/ Yassah Wright     mafanta.kromah@gmail.com (Interns)

The President of the West African Journalist Association (WAJA), Peter Quaqua, says he is not fascinated by honors that he does not deserve.

The WAJA Head made the statement Monday, when he paid an acquaintance visit to Media Aid Foundation, which runs a journalism institution named in his honor.

Quaqua is a former President of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL).

Speaking during the visit, Quaqua indicated that he is not fascinated by honors.

However, Quaqua said he accepts Media Aid Foundation naming an institution in his honor; adding, “I accept your honor because I believe this is well deserving.” He also noted that rejecting such honor is tantamount to killing the vision.

According to him, journalism is the pilot to democracy and as such, students undergoing these trainings will in the future surpass the current breed of journalists 20 years from now. He also urged the prospective journalists to take the career with passion and professionalism.

The former PUL President also urged student journalists to have a career goal.

He further noted that the trainees should put their brain in gear before talking or writing because they have to live to the expectation of the society.

The President of WAJA also encouraged trainee journalists to engage themselves in diluting the corrupted mind by creating the nose for news.

Quaqua also challenged officials other founding members of the institution to take the responsibility to chick the conduct of students that will leave the school.

Speaking during the visit, the WAJA boss said the institution is not for him, but in his honor. “Therefore, students of that institution should perform well, otherwise they will bring shame to the institution,” he stressed.

“This is a desire to meet a goal ahead of us, and we can make it and achieve more than those journalists out there. Therefore, we should go out there and bring stories about those boys and girls who are living in the slum, rather than bringing shame and disgrace to your institution,” Quaqua warned.