Robbers’ Infiltration -At Wake-keeping; The Event of Difficult Farewell


By: Lewis K. Glay 0886469835/

The event was mournful and the scene emotionally charged, graced by the presence of young, middle-aged and elderly people, predominantly citizens of Yarwin Mehnsonoh, Nimba County, including other Liberians, who converged Friday evening, April 8, 2016 at Thinker Village along the Robertsfield Highway to pay homage to a departed 44-year-old citizen of Yarwin Mehnsonoh.

No one would determine the individual characters of people who had gathered for the night- long ceremony until a side bar of the occasion occurred around 4am Saturday, when alarm blew alerting wake-keepers that robbers had struck and victimized someone at the back of the house hosting the event.

“They jerked someone bag behind the house! People running after the rogues,” one sympathizer suddenly broke the news.

A multitude of people immediately took to their heels to the scene in pursuit of the robbers.

How it happened: After a night of fire work, a man and his fiancée needed a rest and decided to go at the back of the house. There they went and it seemed well-calculated, that while relaxing, an agent of the robbers reportedly found his way around the guy’s fiancée who was handling the bag containing their personal effects.

Well posted, other members of the gang reportedly sat nearby and waited for the hour; the agent pretending to be sleepy, allegedly noticed that the man and his woman were no longer awake hence the bag suddenly disappeared.

Abruptly, the victims woke up but could not see their bag which reportedly contained L$6,000; US$200 and cell phones. The only guy in their midst at this time was the one suspected to have masterminded the scam, who, when questioned, allegedly said: “There were some guys sitting here making noise.”…. “No! You were the only one lying down with us here. You took the bag,” the lady’s fiancé argued.

Shortly, the accused attempted escaping the scene but was chased and grabbed, brought before the crowd and security personnel presence had to intervene and take him to a nearby police depot for investigation.

Though the side bar was captured due to its nature of negativity, the ceremony itself witnessed eulogia expressions as sympathizers, family members, love ones; friends, workmates and community members could not hold their misgivings.

Touching verbal and written tributes reflected the human relations of Doe Erastus Blagaye, the deceased. There was an overall lesson learnt; the 44-year- old reportedly lived a life such that when departed, he would be missed with heavy hearts.

Apart from his immediate family, the Liberia Water & Sewer Corporation (LWSC) where he worked till his demise proved during the period of bereavement, that he meant well and that missing him abruptly was a blow to highlight.

Noticeably, the event was not joy-oriented, but one of Nimba County’s best traditional gospel musicians, Amos Willie (Yeanoh Gbla), and those he has trained to sing his ‘Biblical-secular’ music released message-driven songs aimed at not only consoling the bereaved family, but also teaching those in attendance the food for thought of life.