Calm Returns To Cocopa

By: Gborontaye Gboron


Calm has returned to the Cocopa Rubber Plantations in Gbannah Clan, Nimba County following demonstration by workers at the plantations in demand of salaries owned them by the plantation’s management.

On Monday September 12, 2016, workers of the COCOPA plantation blocked the main highway between Nimba County and the southeastern region.

Speaking on behalf of the Workers’ Union, the Vice President Alphanso Luogon called on the management to settle the arrears of the balance 679 workers to enable them register their children to school.

He said the management paid 425 workers and resettled their families in other parts, while the remaining 679 are unpaid.

The Vice president issued a three-day ultimatum to settle the arrears to avoid further demonstration that will impede the normal flow of traffic.

Since early 2016, tension has continued to mount between the management and the workers union over the delay in receiving salaries and other incentives.

The workers Union President Sarpah Mahn alleged the management owned over 625 workers resettlement packages as per the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between workers and the management.