Muslims Holiday Proposal Bill Termed: “Politically” Motivated For 2017 …Senator PYJ “War-Years” Hunt Patronage


By T. Michael Johnny 0886571899/0775820581


Nimba County Senator Prince Yormie Johnson’s alleged “political expedition” to lure Muslims into his path will be resisted despite proposal for the enactment of a bill intended to recognize Islamic Holy Month of Ramadan and Abraham Day as national holidays; scores of Muslim and Christian youth have hinted.

In an organized forum of Christians and Muslims on the pending 2017 general and presidential elections and the pronouncement of holidays for Muslims, discussants at an intellectual debate proffered diversified views on the pronouncement, which attracted hundreds of attendants and curious onlookers.

Senator Johnson, who recently established the Movement for Development and Reconstruction (MDR), has heightened hatred and championed opponents against the reelection of the Unity Party (UP) in 2017 and also implored verbal attacks on President Sirleaf and Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai.

Accordingly, the ex-leader of the breakaway Independent National Patriotic Front of Liberia (INPFL) has in recent times launched scathing attack on the UP-led government describing President Sirleaf and Vice President Boakai as “Vampire 1 and Vampire 2” and his ambitious bill for the enactment of Muslim holidays is being heavily weighed.

However, during the heated debate, discussant Patrick Johnson, a Christian, said the pronouncement by Senator Johnson is intended to bait Muslims into his newly wedded political party, after parting relationship with the National Union of Democratic Progress (UNDP) where he snatched the third place spot in 2011.

He rationalized that the once feared rebel leader’s pronouncement for Muslim holidays is diametrically opposite to his expressed assertion, noting that the Nimba County lawmaker is a “political joker” in disguise whose beliefs are farfetched in genuine acceptability.

“While Christians do not oppose the legislation of Muslim holidays in the country, however, it would be foolhardy to denote that Senator Johnson is naturally in support of his expressed bill. The statement is intended to buy sentiments from the Muslim community,” said discussant Johnson.

In an affirmation and out- right debunk to Senator Johnson’s statement, another discussant, Alieu Sheriff, a Muslim scholar, accused Senator Johnson of “buying undue sympathy and recognition” at the expense of individuals (Muslims) who wished national holidays for the Islamic population in the country.

He accused Senator Johnson of  fermenting religious intolerance in Nimba County by marginalizing Muslims in crucial decision making in the county through his divide and rule administrative tactics.

“Although we the Muslims want holidays for our religious festivities such as Ramadan and Abraham Day, however, the attainment of our desire will be missed with Senator Johnson as proponent,” said Sheriff.

The scholarly Islamic youth stressed that Senator Johnson should commence his crusade for holiday for Muslims by uniting Christians and Muslims in Nimba County and the bitterness over the long running land dispute before craving for legislation.

However, although discussants reproached the sincerity of Senator Prince Johnson, however, they also opined that politics and religion should not feature prominently in the 2017 general and presidential elections because of the intricacies attached.

Recently, preposition 24, of the Constitutional Review Committee, which proposed that Liberia should become Christian State as opposed to secular State, was vehemently criticized by scores of Muslim leaders as well as segment of Christians.