Minister Nagbe Against Bad Criticisms

By Mafanta Kromah

The Minister of Information, Len Eugene Nagbe, has urged all Liberians to stop seeing everything Liberia does in the negative way.
Nagbe said the Miss Liberia pageant was a pride for Liberia and as such people should stop taking it the other way and try to be appreciative, noting that the government did not give anything to the organizers.
He made the disclosure at the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT) regular press briefing in Monrovia  Thursday.
Minister Nagbe also commended the Miss Liberia Wokie Dolo for wining, noting that she worth the title as her speech proved how eloquent she is and that she will be a better representation of Liberia at the international level.
Minister Nagbe assured that the government awaits the project proposal of Miss Dolo on whatever project she wants to undertake to help make Liberia better.
He congratulated Miss Dolo for her success and also thanked the organizers of the pageant for a job well done.
“It was impressive to see that everything done was about Liberia, but it hurts to see other criticizing every good that is being done in Liberia,” he emphasized.
At the same time, the winner of the Miss Liberia Beauty Pageant, Wokie Dolo thanked the organizers and the government of Liberia, noting that she not just a representation of Nimba but all of the 15 counties.
She vowed to serve Liberia and to work with her fellow contestants to see the Liberia they all want.