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Senate Protempore Hints 2017 Challenges….Highlights Importance of Coordination In Govt.

Senate Protempore Armah Zolu Jallah has hinted at major challenges facing the nation as activities leading to the much coveted October 10, 2017, general and presidential elections gradually draws nearer.

Protempore Jallah, who is also Chairman of the Gbarpolu Legislative caucus said Liberians are looking up to them to make laws that will develop, improve and sustain their lives; laws that will ensure stability of the State; laws that will enhance economic prosperity and civil liberties and laws that will foster the reign of peace and reconciliation in the country.

Delivering his official opening speech of the 6th Session of the 53rd Legislature, the Liberian Senate Protempore told his colleagues that the time has now begun to engage in greater work for the Liberian people whose interest they nationalistically represent with more commitment and determination.

“As is customary, the hopes, dreams and aspirations of the Liberian people remain high, especially in this 2017. We must adopt attitude that will further make the Senate a professional & respected institution,” Senator Jallah cautioned.

He continued: “We all by now know that 2017 is a challenging year for all of us. This is a year in which we will hold Presidential and Parliamentary elections. Voters’ education begins February 1 through 8 of March. I urge all us to help educate our citizens in the various districts so that they make the right decision for the common good of our society”.

The Gbarpolu County lawmaker fervently encouraged Liberians to help maintain and abide by the peace and security so that the country will never again degenerate into a path of war; but rather forward march onward to greater peace, stability and prosperity for all regardless of one’s origin, creed, religious affiliation and political persuasion.

“Proposition #24 Christianizing Liberia is now a sticky issue. We all must handle this with care and not to make political gain on it during the ensuing electioneering period. We all must work to promote our respective faith and beliefs without badmouthing the other person,” Protempore Jallah said.

He continued: “Let all of us remain committed to keep this Senate united and reconciled and by extension, the Country. I therefore promise to preside over a body in which each Senator will feel a part of the whole; a Senate in which our differences wouldn’t put us apart, but that we will recognize that what binds us together is stronger and greater than what divides us. We must walk into that unity as one people to make laws for the common good of Liberia and the future of tomorrow’s leaders and populace”.

Under his administration, Senator Jallah assured that the Senate will remain engaged with the Executive and Judicial branches of government to ensure that checks and balances enshrined in our Constitution are kept and will never compromise its integrity nor lend support to anything that will be a semblance of public ridicule.

“However as is a universal custom, in the event of disagreement over the conduct of our business, I promise to listen to you more. This approach in my humble opinion will advance us on higher grounds of intellectual discipline and public uprightness in the discharge of our obligatory responsibilities,” he assured.

Protempore Jallah said from experience, it is evident that no one can ever do business with a divided people, stressing that all county caucuses should solidify their unity and forward march for the good of their people as the disposition in the Senate will definitely reflect the people they represent.

“Let us continue to hold consultations with our staffers on issues of national concerns and those that intend to bring this institution to public disrespect. Let us continue to seek opportunities for the Senate and those who ably assist us in our daily performance,” the Protempore concluded.