No Arrest for Quincy “B” Again! -As Manager Cleared

By Yassah  J. Wright

Traffic Court Judge Jomah Jallah has dropped charges against the Manager of the Late Quincy “B”. Judge Jallah has also ordered the writ of arrest of Quincy “B” dismissed.

In his ruling on Monday, Judge Jomah said his decision was based on the Sheriff’s report to the court. “The sheriff return noted that the living body, for which the writ prayed for by the Ministry of Justice and issued by the Traffic Court, is dead.

It can be recalled recently that the Ministry of Justice prayed the court to arrest the living body of defendant (Quincy B”)  because he allegedly drove on March 3, 2017 in on 1st Street Sinkor Monrovia.

According to the Ministry, Quincy “B” had an accident that resulted into death, injuries, and property damage and was charged and sent to court.

Furthermore, Quincy B’s Manager, Louis McCarthy, was charged for Consent of Unregistered vehicle, and Failure to Maintain Proof of financial security.

However, Cllr. Beyan Howard, who defended McCarthy interest said that his client (McCarthy) should be released of the crimes against him because he has shown proof to the police that the vehicle does not belong to him, but to the late Quincy “B” and the Counsel further stated that, the Hand to Hand bill of sale, the passport of Quincy B are a clear evidence that the vehicle belongs to Quincy “B”.

Cllr. Howard told the court that the late Quincy “B” was under the duty to have registered the vehicle and maintain insurance policy before operating it as required by the Revenue Code of Liberia.

However the Counsel who represented the state interest did not oppose to Cllr. Howard

Since the state interposed no objection, the Judge ordered the case dismissed.

Since the court issued arrest warrant for the Late Quincy B, and charge his manager, there has been mixed reactions. Some said the government was going after a dead person.

However, it is clear that legal proceeding was taking its course as the court is aware Quincy B is dead and that his manager has proven that the vehicle involved in the tragic accident was no longer his (manager).