Trucking Union President Detained -In Johnson Street Accident Case

By Yassah Wright

The Liberia National Police (LNP) has detained the President of the Trucking Union of Liberia, only identified as Sumo.

Police arrested Sumo on Wednesday at the LNP Headquarters for failure to present the owner of the truck that was involved in a tragic accident on April 8, 2017, killing at least five persons, injuring several on Johnson Street in Monrovia.

According to the LNP, Sumo has taken responsibilities of arrangements for the burial of those who died in the accident, without the consent of lawyers representing aggrieved family members. He has also decided to speak on behalf of the truck’s owner, only identified as Dukuly, who is said to be at large.

Before Sumo’s arrival and subsequent detention at the LNP Headquarters, families of the accident victims assembled on the grounds of the Temple of Justice with placards and chanted slogans for speedy justice. They had gone to lodge complaint with Traffic Court Judge, who told them the matter has not reached to the court yet.

For some hours, the aggrieved families were heard saying, “we want justice, our people getting rotten.”

On the other hand, lawyers of the family members have accused them (families) of reportedly making arrangements with the Trucking Union president without their (lawyers) knowledge.

The counselors averred that any burial arrangement should not have been done with the Trucking Union alone; but with the consent of the Liberia National Police and the court.

Mr. Clifford Kai, a family member of one of the deceased,  expressed disappointment in the Police for not being able to locate the truck owner up to present.

It can be recalled that the LNP reported three deaths and 11 injured persons in the accident.

An LNP statement said the accident occurred when a truck carrying two 20-foot containers lost control.

Mother Felecia Saoh, also a bereaved family member, told journalists she was very disappointed in the police to have an uninsured truck on the street of Monrovia and also allowing a “handicapped” driver to obtain a driver’s license.

Meanwhile, LNP authorities have assured of doing everything in dispensing justice in the matter.