Please Contain The New Killer Disease, Our Heavenly Father

REFLECTING ON THE wave of deaths in 2014 when Liberia was invaded by Ebola epidemic is as bad as any nightmare to remember. Thank God those days are no longer wished for in our midst, even as economic hardship and other vices are getting married to us.


WE WILL CONTINUE to be reminded from time to time that Liberia once became almost a hell on earth when the Ebola crisis dehumanized people  because of the manner and way in which human lives were not only threatened, but  were near extermination due to the outbreak.


REGRETTABLY, RECENT DEVELOPMENT in Greenville, Sinoe County where an outbreak of a new disease has led to about 13 deaths while many are being hospitalized, signals a worrisome health climate which Liberians don’t prefer at all.


FROM THE TIME this horrifying news broke out with a rising death toll, knowing what this new disease is has remained a major concern to Liberians and foreign nationals who are currently residing within the territorial confines of the country.


THANK GOD THE deadly Ebola is ruled out to be the case, and we also laud the efforts of the Liberian Government and partners in progress in seeking the identity and cause of the disease.


AS THE GOVERNMENT through the Ministry of Health has officially disclosed, the disease is said to be called Meningitis, which probable outbreak has taken lives away in Sinoe County and as well leaving many more hospitalized.


SINCE THE STRANGE disease has finally been known by name, we sincerely pray to also know the cause or causes of the new killer disease.


ABOVE ALL, WE pray to our Heavenly Father to contain this sickness and save lives. Whatever the cause or causes may be, we pray Daddy God, that Liberians should not die in their hundreds or thousands again as the case was with Ebola.