‘We Need Value’ -Women Tell Aspirants

By: Mafanta Kromah

The women of Montserrado County District #14 are admonishing all women politicians and aspirants in the district to be of more value. They said it is not just about putting women in the house but ones that will seek interest of women, the youth and the district at large.

They made the statement over the weekend at Kelbbah Town Hall in Barnesville, stressing their women aspirants to be of more issue-driven and push forth more ideas than money.

Speaking during the citizens engagement event of the Coalition of Political Party Women in Liberia (COPPWIL), Amelia Benson noted that politics is not all about sharing T-Shirts and head caps and also not about money sharing, noting that it is about discussing issues relevant to the growth of the nation.

She indicated that women in politics are faced with lot of challenges but noted they have to be engaged with the people and know that it is not about money but value, which they need the most.

Madam Benson asserted that it is a challenge for everyone, especially in the economic situation which is more challenging, maintaining “the people of Liberia have that ability to change the dynamics.”

Grace Morris, a resident of the district also stressed on the lack of community empowerment and capacity building in their various communities that has resulted in the backwardness of the community.

“We are looking for a leader that is not one sided but religiously tolerant, a leader that believes in God, a leader that will advocate for road in our communities and a leader that will not engage in self-investment but do project with the involvement of the district leaders and youth group,” Madam Morris narrated.

She encouraged these aspirants to have good friendship with their community members and also promote peace among community residents and the district.

Also speaking, Georgia Myers called on political women to “come to us when we call you because money cannot make you win but your relationship and interaction with your people also be close to us and bring value and solution to our communities and district problems.”

Meanwhile, the Acting President of the COPPWIL, Georgia Gage, appreciated the women for sharing their ideas and the way women can reach the house but also affirmed that if they do not help to make women enter the house, there will be no one to seek the interest of women and there will be no law passed in the interest of women.

She said they have heard the views of the District women and will do go back to work on them, in order to reach the demand of the electorates.

Moreover, the citizens’ engagement event is part of the 100% women campaign project supported by the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) through NAYMOTE. The first phrase of the project was a one-week women leadership and political participation training held in Gbarnga Bong County.

This initiative is also designed to enable women aspirants who participated in the training to communicate directly with the voters, to persuade their voters to support their campaign and to improve their public speaking skills.