Atina Women Initiative Celebrates World Menstrual Hygiene Day

By Mafanta Kromah


A local NGO called Atina Women Initiative on May 28  celebrated the World Menstrual Hygiene Day with several schools in Monrovia.

Atina Women Initiative, which is a local group founded to empower less fortunate women through macro finance loan and conducting livelihood training celebrated the world Menstrual Hygiene Day with education on the understanding of menstrual circle.

The day which is celebrated May 28 every year is set aside to give awareness to women and girls on menstruation management.

The group celebrated the day by visiting several schools in Monrovia and its environment. The founder and Executive Director of the group Mrs. Muna Weah-Weah said, there was no other way to celebrate this day than visiting schools, sharing tips on menstrual management, and the distribution of sanitary pads to young school going girls.

In a special statement to some teenage school girls at the Peace Island Elementary, Junior & Senior High School, Mrs. Weah-Weah told them that their menstrual period should not be the reason for them not being in school.

She also told the students to stay in school and focus on the lesson because Liberia is depending on them for its development and progress.

Mrs. Weah-Weah also said it was so sad hearing from some students that they use cloth, leaves, among other things to manage the waste during the time of menstruation. After the distribution of the pads to the students, she told them to use it for the intended purpose and do not give it to any of their elderly female family members.

“You should not allow any boy to fool you to have sex with you at this age because it will damage your future and you should be like me who had my first child in my married home and was working also,” she cautioned the students.

In appreciation, the students lauded the group for its works over the years and for giving them the knowledge and understanding of the ways to manage their menstrual cycles and distributing menstrual pads among them.