New Yourpea Youth Launch Association

Group photo following the program

Many citizens from New Yourpea Town in Kparblee Administration District, Nimba County, residing in Montserrado County and other parts of Liberia defied the heavy down pour of rain on Saturday, June 24, 2017, to grace the official launch of their youth organization and fund-raising program.

The launching of the organization, dubbed and styled: New Yourpea Youth Association (NEYOYA), took place in the Peace Island Community, Congo Town.

According to organizers, the idea of forming the association came 2015 having observed and seen the need to unite young people from New Yourpea for empowerment as well as to contribute to the development of their town. Titus Baryou, Acting Secretary of the Association, said the group is also established to foster peace and unity among young people of New Yourpea.

Addressing the occasion, the Editor for News & Editorial Services at the In Profile Daily Newspaper, Fredrick P. W. Gaye, challenged officials and members of the association to work with their mother organization, New Yourpea Development Association (NEYODA).

Journalist Gaye, who is also a citizen of New Yourpea, said while every human is a political being, political activities should not supersede the aims and objectives of the group.

He cautioned them not to involve in or to be used in violence during the pending elections. The Liberian journalist also urged the young people to take serious their education and other activities that will brighten their future.

Speaking on the theme: “Can this hatching bird be the first to fly,” he expressed the hope that the the New Yourpea Youth Association (NEYOYA) can be second to none in Kparblee District and Liberia at large if members and other citizens are willing to support the group.

Gaye said he was encouraged by the short time it took for few young people to organize such a program after deciding the official launch of the Association. “If few young people can take three months to launch such an organization, I believe NEYOYA can be second to none in our district if we support the Association with our whole heart,” he stressed.

The New Yourpea young people also used the occasion to raise fund for the upkeep and other activities of the program.

Also attending the occasion were officials and members of New Yourpea Development Association (NEYODAY), Nimba County District #6 representative aspirant and also a citizen of New Yourpea, Attorney Preston N. G. Karkerzeah, representatives of Aspirant Michael Wiles, and other prominent residents of Kparblee District, who made their contributions and pledges.

In his remark, Atty. Karkerzeah praised the young people for establishing such a youth organization that will foster unity among them. Kakerzeah declared himself as a full member of the group and pledged his unflinching support.

The youthful lawyer and representative aspirant also told the young people to fight for generational change, wherein the issues of young people’s empowerment will be prioritized at national level.

Karkerzeah recently won the Nimba County District #6 primary as representative aspirant on the ruling Unity Party’s ticket.

Acting leadership of the Association includes: Alexander G. Baryou, Chairman; Deekay Deah, Co-Chairman; Titus M. Baryou, Secretary; Angeles Kerslah, Financial Secretary and Samuel Youdee, Treasurer.

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  1. Lincoln N. Gaye
    Lincoln N. Gaye says:

    Hi Fredrick and to the Youth of New Yourpea; i am so impressed for the level we have come. I want to say thanks to the organizers including the entire youth. I am fully part of it including my family. I will surely get to you guys in full.

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