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NEC Assures Commitment

By Mafanta Kromah


With just five days to the presidential and representative elections, the National Elections Commissions has assured the public that it is committed to holding free, fair and transparent elections.


Speaking at the NEC regular press conference on Wednesday, October 4, 2017, NEC Chairman Jerome Korkoya said the commission is aware of news reports that some individuals and politicians have questioned the integrity of NEC regarding the number of ballots printed.


He assured the public that NEC has put in place full accountability mechanism to account for every single ballot, stressing that the number is at the level because there are others that might make errors and want to replace their cards.


At the same time, Korkoya noted that electoral preparations are in tight and it is working hard to meet the tight deadline in advance of the October 10 polling. He said the final batch of representative ballots and the remaining of all other elections materials are expected in the country today, October 5.


He further disclosed that the commission has taken delivery of a shipment of electronic equipment from South Africa including photocopiers, expressing thanks and appreciation to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for making the request to the South African Government for which the equipment  in question were given to the NEC.


Chairman Korkoya noted that the deployment of elections materials is in progress and their operational personnel are in root distributing elections materials to NEC various warehouses across the country,


However, the Chairman has disclosed that there have been clashes of timetable between the Alternative National Congress and the Unity Party, indicating both parties submitted plans  for campaign rallies on the 7 of October but noted that the ANC submitted their full details of campaign activities to the NEC first.


He said an official communication is being sent to the Unity party to look for other options for holding its rally.

The NEC chair called on political parties and independent candidates to be responsible and not release unofficial election results that could mislead voters and supporters.

He noted that the NEC is the only body in this country that has the power and mandate to release election result.

Meanwhile, Korkoya has reminded political parties and independent candidate that campaign officially ends 12 midnight on Sunday, October 8 .