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Cape Mount Citizens Recommend To Next Government

By Mafanta Kromah

As Liberians foresee a runoff election in November between the Coalition for Democratic Change and the ruling Unity Party, citizens of Garwula District in Grand Cape Mount County, who are in the private sector (business and farming), have started listing issues they expect to be addressed immediately by the next regime.

According to those in the farming sector, the next government to be ushered in January 2018 should prioritize the agriculture sector to help improve the lives of Liberians by supporting them to grow and produce their own stable food.

Speaking to In Profile reporter recently in Cape Mount, Boima Paasewe, a resident of Sinji, said rice is the stable food in Liberia but it is being imported, noting that the price of rice is high in their communities thus making living conditions difficult for them.

Paasewe said it would be better for Liberians, if they start to grow their own foods, something he noted, can only be done when the next government invests in the agriculture sector by providing farming materials to farmers and connecting farm- to  market roads across the country.

Abraham Sillah, a marketer from Bo Waterside, was another citizen who spoke to the In Profile Daily. For him, he indicated   that they expect the next government to prioritize education system that is being described as mess by the current government, stressing that they want the system to be improved from mess to excellent.

“Government learns from the failure of another government and this government has failed to invest in our education system to make the system more standard like international schools. We also need to boost of our facilities and staff in our country,” he said.

Sillah further noted that their county needs vocational training institutes for the young people, as well as well trained teachers that will help put their system on path.

According to him, primary teachers in the county are mostly volunteers who recent graduates of high school that are yet get to enter collage.

“They only focus on the high school and forget to know that the foundation of your high school is the best. If you don’t perform well at the low level how do you expect yourself to perform well at the high level when your foundation is not built?” Sillah wondered.

He continued: “In Cape Mount, when it comes to the new legislature, we the ordinary citizens want county hearing to start from the bottom to the top. We are the only people that know our problems and only us know how they can be solved, let our lawmakers engage us on the way forward on problems they will be solved so that everyone will take ownership of the project.”

Meanwhile, Hawa Sonni, a business woman indicated that she expects the next government to have control over prices of commodities and exchange rate, noting that due to the increase in exchange rate in the country, everything is on the increase.

She said life will only improve in Liberia if government has control over exchange rate and the prices of goods and services.

“We sell in Liberian dollars to go in search of US dollars and in the end we buy the United States Dollars at very high cost and when we buy our goods we definitely need to get all we put in it. So how life cannot be hard when our own country money is being down played for other country’s money? Liberians need to grow and open their eyes to the realities,” she expressed.