No Demonstrations Without Permit -Police Warns

The Liberia National Police (LNP) has warned against demonstrations without permit.

The New Liberia National Police Act of 2015 states that, “Prior to the holding of any special event in the form  of Demonstration, March or similar event in the public place, the organizers must notify the County Attorney in the County where the event is to take place. Where the event is to take place in Montserrado County, the Minister of Justice must be notified of said special event not less than Seven (7) days before the date of that special event.”

In a statement issued Wednesday, the LNP referred would-be demonstrators to the following provisions stipulated in the Act: S. 22.86 Maintenance of Public Order of the Liberia National Police Act.

  1. 22.86 (a) “Any person who desires to hold any special event in the form of demonstration, march or any form of protest or similar event in any public place shall notify the County Attorney in the County where the event is to take place of his or her intention not less than seven days before the date of the special event.”
  2. 22.86 (b) “Where the special event is to be held in Montserrado County, the notification shall be sent to the Minister and consultations require by this section shall be with the Inspector General of Police.”
  3. 22.86 (d) “Where the County Attorney, in consultation with the head of Police in the County, has reasonable grounds to believe that the special event, if held may lead to violence or endanger defense, public order, public safety, public health or the running of essential services or violate the rights and freedom of another person(s), he or she shall report the matter to the Minister and request the organizers to cancel or postpone the special event to any other date or to relocate the special event.

The LNP warning comes amid plans by opposition Liberty Party’s youth league to protest results of the October 10 polls on allegation of irregularities.

It was reported that, on Tuesday, Representative Byron Browne of the Liberty Party led a protest at a National Elections Commission (NEC) local office on Buchanan, Grand Bassa County. Rep. Browne was heard on local media that the protest was in line with the Liberian Constitution and so there was no need to seek permission.

Police boss Gregory Coleman