When The Heart Bleeds

The heart we have is one of our inner parts God has provided to control our thoughts. Even one who possesses it hardy sees it unless by pictures displayed in books or other ventures derived from human curiosity. Normally, the heart needs comfort, happiness, kindness and relaxed atmosphere to maintain its functions.

However, negative preoccupations can cause the heart to bleed which consequences can equally be devastating. By bleeding, we don’t mean bloodletting, but a situation of uncertainty and uneasiness of the heart to lack relaxation. So then when the heart bleeds how does this affect us in making a living especially in our individual relations with spouses?  Well, He Says, She Says sees this topic as one that every being seems to encounter in life.

He Says:  When the heart bleeds, there are signals that all is not well. It could be that you are troubled by yourself for what you should hold yourself responsible, or someone has played on your intelligence which consequence is embarrassing you psychologically.

She Says: The heart is the most peculiar part of the human body that is delicate to the wellbeing of all. It is an organ that controls our decisions on a daily basis no matter what situations we find ourselves in. Yet, this heart of ours is the most dangerous body organ we as humans can content with.

He Says:  Indeed, it is no illusion that the heart controls our decisions, whether good or bad, wise or unwise; it remains logical to note that when the heart is upset it obviously bleeds not with blood, but through frustration and agitation and only reactions from us can send a clear message to people that sometime unacceptable has happened.

She Says: The heart, as strong as it is, can grow weak with time. Its downfall comes as a result of frustration, deceit, payback and betrayal. Still, the heart can be so strong when it is tampered with that its revenge can be deadly with time.

He Says:   By way of experience, when people get disinterested in certain behaviors or attitudes of say a partner or casual friend with whom one would have been patient overtime, the end result foretells the reaction of the heart. By this, patience might have run out; company no longer needed; association becomes unwanted and the degree of heart bleeding can be overriding. Of course, people react to situations differently; this is an attribute which individual differences exhibit.

She Says: Now, what determines a bleeding heart is the hurt a man or woman experiences when struck by one presumed to be dearly loved. No man or woman will allow his or her heart to be mal-handled especially if he or she does not deserve such. But sometimes those we consider our lovers are those that hurt us most.

He Says: As earlier mentioned in the intro, comfort, happiness and relaxed atmosphere are very important to what the heart needs. It is therefore an open secret that when one’s heart gets hurt, it bleeds. In most instances, our relationships face problems that would cause the heart to bleed. It either becomes the attitude of a man or a woman becoming unbecoming in the home that leads to a bleeding heart, or forcing a relationship that does not match can equally breed ground for a bleeding heart.

She Says: A bleeding heart is a trouble heart, a grieving heart and a worried heart. This heart is always seeking for news, longing for attention and wishing a genuine love. Its greatest wish is to get back what it has lost and to regain that which it is. When the heart bleeds, it is the body that suffers; the mind that retrospect’s and the soul that longs. Who can detest the heart especially when it is pure? Who can question its purity? Only those with evil thoughts.

He Says:  Unfortunately, no bleeding heart is stable. It is usually troubled, uncomfortable, bothered and worried. There can be no peace; sorrow and anguish   would lead the way; the home tends to a lion’s den for the affected party. Automatically, a sense of insecurity develops as hatred becomes the order of the day. When the heart bleeds, no smiles; no caressing, no laughter; no  lovely talks and life  seems meaningless because one does not see his or her way out in  keeping a stable relationship.

She Says: However, when the heart bleeds there can be several factors responsible. For example, a cheating partner who refuses to understand what the heart of the other partner is going through; a heart that is unwilling to forgive; a heart that is negatively too strong to forget an evergreen situation and a heart that is determined to revenge.

He Says:  Quite frankly, it is good to pray against conditions that cause bleeding hearts in life. When we face those conditions our normal activities are disturbed and we are overwhelmed negatively. Though it is hard time finding who is problem- freed, if a friend or partner that understands you is in your company there wouldn’t be any bleeding heart as such. Overtime, we have seen and experienced the results of bleeding heart. Some are attributed to wrong choices we make; while others are outside interferences into our private lives, and the list goes on.

She Says:  When the heart bleeds the body becomes unstable; thoughts are challenged; relationships are undermined; homes are unsettled. This condition faces us as human beings especially if we have relationships that lack common ground in resolving misunderstanding. Regrettably, too much of bleeding heart leads to early demise; we need to overcome this negative encounter.