‘Extraordinary’ -Senator Wesseh Describes UN’s Roles

By Abraham Morris-23188624820- abrahammorrisabrahammorris@gmail.com


River Gee County Senator, Commany Wesseh, has described the role played by the United Nations (UN) in security, peace, economic livelihood, since its establishment in 1951 as “extraordinary”.

Serving as Keynote Speaker at the 72nd anniversary of the UN held at the Centennial Memorial Pavilion in Monrovia, Senator Wesseh said the UN carries a special meaning for Liberia given her role during the country’s civil crisis and the during the outbreak of the Ebola epidemic.

Senator Wesseh, quoting historians said the UN organization was initially created by 51 countries of the world to end World War II.

However, the River Gee Senator stressed that for Liberia, the UN provided platform for the country as the first independent republic on the continent of Africa to play an active role in international affairs.

Additionally, Senator Wesseh also averred that Liberia used the UN to lead the struggle for African independence from colonial rule; struggle against racist apartheid regime and system of South Africa; for a dedicated and forceful advocacy for the liberation of Southwest Africa, now Namibia for colonial domination and promotion of pan-Africanism.

He said for Liberians who experienced fire, blood-sweat, and tears as a result of 14 years of civil crisis that erupted on Christmas eve, 1989, that led to the death of over 250,000 persons and incalculable destruction of economic and other infrastructure and services, the UN played an extraordinary role in helping the country end armed violence, disarmed and demobilized combatants as well as build hopes.

“As we remember the UN from 1993, we do acknowledge the ECOMOG paid the highest prize for Liberia to live. To others, the UN and its agencies are sources of economic well-being- employment agencies and social cohesion,” said Senator Wesseh.

Senator Wesseh in extending Liberia’s gratitude to the UN and its agencies reminded Liberians to be mindful that since the creation of the UN, its membership has increased to 193 member States, each of whom must be noted for their contributions to the achievement made in the country.

He continued: “In the last 30 years, the most profound of Liberia’s achievement can be mentioned in terms of peace and stability. It is so peaceful that some people have forgotten that 14 years of our country smell of corpses- mostly innocent men, women and children.”