National Food Fortification Alliance To Be Launched Today

By Mafanta Kromah

The official launch of the National Food Fortification Alliance (NFFA) of Liberia is expected to take place today in Monrovia.

Deputy Minister of Commerce and Industry, Roland S. Carey, told a Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism regular press briefing on Thursday that the program takes place at the Alliance’s head office at the Nancy Doe Market in Sinkor.

Carey explained that the program seeks to keep mind and body strong to fight disease by eating fortified food. “The institution is promoting production of fortified food that will include vitamin and mineral to keep the body and mind strong,” he added.

He quoted statistics that 33% of the Liberian children is malnutrition which he said leads to a lot of physical and mental deficiency, considering it as critical to their growth and health. Carey said there is also malnutrition in adults which leads to high blood pressure, sugar and among others.

The Commerce Official said the program also seeks to protect and make sure that there are good and fortified food on the market for the Liberian citizens.

“This initiative will record significant gains in the fortification of food in Liberia, recognized the contribution made by organizations and individuals for the establishment and implementation of food fortification in Liberia, to enhance the border large scale corporation in collaboration with national stakeholders both private and public sector and to raise awareness on the National Food Fortification Alliance in Liberia among the general public in and around Liberia,” he said.

Carey revealed that the institution has established institution and legal framework and carried out series of capacity building functions and studies.  He averred: “They have quality ensure testing, industrialists advocacy and social marketing and among several others.”

He indicated that the Minister of Commerce for signing the Weed Fortification Regulation something he said help them make sure that flowers used to make bread and other food are well fortified for eating.

The National Fortification Alliance of Liberia was established in 2015 with with collaboration between the Ministry of Health and Commerce and some international partners with the purpose of knowing the types of food that are made and imported to Liberia.