Poor Christmas Detected -Election Stalemate Blamed

By Teacee Gbeway – 0770464275

As Liberia joins other countries around the world to celebrate one of the most important festivities in the history of humankind, Liberians seem dejected to pay usual attention to Christmas due to economic hardship being experienced in the country at present.

“Nothing to celebrate with,” some citizens have told the In Profile Daily when the paper  interviewed  some residents in Monrovia on Tuesday, December 19, 2017 as to how they intend to celebrate the Christmas’ season.

According to them, since the beginning of time, this carnival has been a time to share gifts with families and friends, but due to the hard economic constraints citizens encounter on a day-to-day basis in Liberia, coupled with the election stalemate, it is very difficult to be convinced that 2017 Christmas’ celebration will take the form past celebrations.

A  cross- section of Liberians from different localities in Monrovia and its environs  observed that things have become  very tough these days,  in that rather than getting ready to celebrate  Christmas, people are living in  fears, not knowing what will be the outcome of the presidential run-off election.

“My daughter, there is nothing to celebrate during this other season because this government already made things hard for us. People that are working are not taking pay; then this election business came so the little we have to share with others we’re holding fast to it; with the fear of not knowing what will happen next,” Joseph Cole who sells sticks on Johnson Street told this paper.

Mr. Cole, believed to be 65 years old, noted that by this time during their days, parents were done with shopping for their households, as well as given gifts to loved ones and other relatives but emphasized: “It is not like that these days due to hard economic problems.”

Also,  a dried bony fish seller only identified as Ma Lucy, said since the pronouncement of the presidential run- off, things have turned extremely hard in the country, most especially when it comes to marketing and  as a result,  parents find it difficult these days to put smiles on the faces of their  children back home.

She used the interview to call on the two political parties in the run-off, the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and the ruling Unity Party (UP) to accept whatever result comes January 2018 so that the country can become stable again and things get normal.

In other communities and even on commercial vehicles across the city; as well as Liberians who travel from the hinterland to-and-fro, there are public outcries over the increasing economic hardship, which is being blamed on the stalemate still being experienced over the delayed presidential run-off.

It has also been observed that money is not flowing because business people are skeptical to release cash because there is still uncertainty about the future of Liberia, once a new government has not been announced in the country.