Weah? The ‘Kinja!’

By:  Lewis K. Glay 0886469835/lglay.inprofile@gmail.com

President-elect George Weah is expected as of January 22, 2018 to begin steering the state of affairs of Liberia amidst expectations and anxieties drawn from the much publicized ‘change’ which the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) has promised Liberians to come about.

So far, President-elect Weah seems to be making   positively fundamental moves to engender unity and reconciliation among Liberians following the political bickering associated with the just concluded electoral process.

In less than no time, Weah reached out to Vice President Joseph Boakai whom he defeated in the December 26, 2017 presidential runoff, encouraging him to provide his expertise as the new government intends to move the country forward with the participations of every Liberian, irrespective of political affiliation.

This move followed when VP Boakai conceded defeat, coupled with his expressed willingness to work along with the President-elect whenever he is called upon, thereby signaling a trend of forming a government of inclusion under the CDC-led administration.

Though it is too early to grade the performance of the President-elect, his utterances are being analyzed to be reconciliatory with repeated vow that the new government will not fail the Liberian people.

However, the governed are keen to seeing the composition of the technocrats of the Weah-led government, wondering whether those with tainted records, who over the years had aided and abetted reportedly the spoilt system, will not make their ways through to implant ‘business as usual’ in the  new administration.

Like President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf did in 2006, though President-elect Weah has not given his inaugural speech, he has promised to fight corruption, but how is he going to carry out the fight remains to be seen.

Meantime, analysts say Weah  may put up a lot of surprises  to show his commitment  to ensuring the change he has advocated  for since  2005; hence the  first batch of appointees need to be careful  how they run the day-to-day affairs of their respective assignments.





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