Another Appointee Hooked

By: Yassah Wright

President George Weah’s task to form his new government appears to be facing challenges, as some of his appointees are entagled with acts counter-productive to his vision of running a clean administration.

It started with Cllr. Charles H. Gibson, Justice Minister-designate, whose license was suspended by the Supreme Court for criminality. Now it is the reappointed Superintendent for Montserrado County, Madam Florence Brandy.

The Commercial Court of Liberia has held Supt. Brandy liable  for US55,000. Supt. Brandy failed to pay the money to a company for road construction in Montserrado County District # 4.

The Court’s ruling stated that on July 19, 2017, “the plaintiff, By and Thu its legal counsel filed an action of Debt before the Commercial Court  against the defendant, Hon. Florence F. Brandy, Superintendent for Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia”.

During the trial, the plaintiff presented two witnesses who testified  in substance that the plaintiff and defendant entered into a road construction contract for the construction of a feeder road project in the Soul Clinic Community in the district, December 9, 2015, at the total cost of two US$235,199.82.

The company, East International Group, attached a copy of the contract which wherein the defendant made payment of the amount of US$180,000 against the total contract price leaving an outstanding balance of US55,199.82 which amount was confirmed in the report of the project management team.

The plaintiff instituted an action of debt after the said defendant defaulted on the payment arrangement and refused to pay the outstanding balance owed after the project was fully completed and turned over to the defendant.

The court ruled indicating that, the Honorable Supreme Court of Liberia has held in the case David V. Johnson 10LLR 416 that “Where the clear and unrestricted evidence of the plaintiff proves defendant liability to him, judgment will be given for plaintiff “, Additionally, Plaintiff witnesses stated for the record that the total amount outstanding as per the agreement of the parties stands at US$55,199.82.

The court ruled that, “wherefore and in view of the forgoing laws, fact , and circumstances adduced at the trial and the plaintiff having proved its case by the preponderance of the evidence , consistent with section 25.5 (1&2) of the LCL Revised page 198 this court hereby adjudges the defendant liable to plaintiff in the amount of US$55,199 together with statutory interest as provided for in money judgments. This clerk is honored to prepare a bill of cost to tazed by both counsels.”


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