Colinbo Commends Pres.Weah For Highlighting Local Businesses’ Plights


The President of the Concerned Liberian International Business Organization (COLINBO), Mr. Fumba Trawally, says Liberia cannot survive when the people are not empowered.

Trawally, speaking to reporters, noted that one of the best ways to do such is by investing more in small entrepreneurs.

He named Togo and La Cote d’ Ivoire as examples of some West African Countries that are making marks due to investments in small entrepreneurs sector of their respective nations. This,  he wants Liberia to implement as well.

“Gone are the days where Liberian business people were seen at the back and it is time that all local business people step up and take up the challenge to ensure that they work together to regain their own economy. No more we will be at the back,” the COLINBO boss uttered.

Trawally at the same time lauded President Weah for his inaugural address where he  promised to take Liberian businesses from being on the fence andto making them become owners of their economy.

“Weah’s statement, with reference to the business community, was a long plan. He visiedt to the National Toiletries Incorporated in 2015 where he said among other things as Senator then that he would work to help empower local business people,” Trawally indicated.

The Liberian leader is a man of his word, Fumba noted and he is overly confident that he will do what he says he will do.

according to the Liberian businessman, President Weah has been using ‘made in Liberia’ toiletries  products.

Trawally also stressed the need for strong and implementable laws that will ensure the flexibility of business transactions across Liberia.

He called for the re-visitation of some   bottle-neck laws of the Country to ensure it reflects present day reality.

he stated: “We have been suffering for several years only because there are some laws on the books that limit and constrain/restrict us not to grow and if the President’s statement must be realized, then these laws should be looked at critically.”

The Head of the National Toiletries and a key partner to the business sector of the Country reechoed President Weah’s statement that Liberia will win together only if all Liberians wear the jersey of the Country.

Since President Weah’s inaugural statement relative to the business sector, there have been numerous commendations from the business sector, Liberians and the International Community at large but others are hoping for the practical implementation.

COLINBO is an International Business Organization with over five thousand members across Liberia and has been contributing to promoting local and enterprising business people in the Country to grow and to as well ndevelop their self potenti

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