‘Generational Change’ –Weah Applauded

By: Mafanta Kromah


Some young political leaders of Montserrado have applauded the new Chief of Officer Liberia, George M. Weah for implementing the generational that the former president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf talked about during her last addressed at  the United Nation General Assembly.

Speaking with this paper on Monday January 29, 2018 in Monrovia, Vickjune Wutoh, a student of the AMEU and a graduate of the Young Political Leadership School (YPLS) noted that the president must be appreciated for his new appointments.

she said all appointment made by him are welcoming and that he’s implementing  his campaign platform on youth empowerment, she also noted that “I think he has the feeling of having a smooth working relationship with young people especially those he has confident in.”

At the same time, L. Elijah Sackie stressed that he like the confidence reposed in young people by the president, he said building a new Liberia will require people with new drive, new method, and new understanding of government.

He furthered noted that the universal of drivers have always been young people and that the new appointment was simply to put new wine in new wineskin, “And I that George K. Warner was replaced and his ineptitude as appalling,” he stated.

In addition, Eno Edet Inwang of the opposition Unity Party indicated that she like the the fact that lot of women were appointed by the new president Weah along with young people and of her dislike, she stressed is best she keep it to herself.

At the same time, Lorene Talawally, a student of the University of Liberia maintained that the recent appointments are good, noting “If you want to know the strength of a man, and to how much he’s able to leads right or wrong, give him authority and he has proven his commitment to youth empowerment.”

He also explained that he will hate people among the appointees who will want or request everything in their office to be change including chair and furniture.

Mohammed Fofana and businessman stressed that he likes the fact that the president is implementing some of his promises like youth empowerment, he said “I support the young appointment into government to shop that four to six years experiences before jobbing.”

However, there are others against the latest appointment made by the president on ground that most of his appointees has no experience working in government and that many of them are not Even a degree holder.

Speaking with  James Morris, he noted that government’s job is not a trying place but a place for experience and educated people.

He explained that President Weah should not give public responsibilities to people who no nothing about government function, noting “Our government offices are not try and see.”

Moses Korvah also stressed disappointment in the Liberian leader new appointment, stressing it is base of the fact that the people supported him not base on competence and experience.

He advised that the president send many of his new appointees out for studying in order to prepared them for future challenges.

Meanwhile, during the 2017 elections, the Coalition for Democratic Change campaigned with the slogan Change for Hope and had four Pillars as their platform to be addressed by the government, which include power to the people, economy and job, sustaining the peace and governance and transparency.

In power to the people, there are five issues such as education and training, health, gender equality, youth empowerment and physically challenged and senior citizens. In this it is becoming clear that the president is serious for youth empowerment as many of his new appointees are young people but the ratio of women is not yet clear as the cabinet and others appointed areas has not be released to the public.

Recently in an Executive Mansion release, the president made it clear that he remains fully committed to women empowerment and Gender equality, he also assure the women of Liberia that he will do everything within his power to ensure that the Liberian women are ably represented in his administration.


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