PWI Conducts Training For WASSEC Trial Test

Praise Word Incorporated (PWI) is conducting its weekly series of invigilator’s training for the upcoming trial test in partnership with the National Association of Liberia School Principals (NALSP), aimed at minimizing mass failures in the pending public examination scheduled for April, 2018.

The PWI is a business company founded December 16, 2014 with the vision to minimize mass failures in public tests in Liberia.

The training which is being conducted at the offices of Praise Word Incorporated behind the SKD Sports Complex in Paynesville is intended to provide trainees with the basic technical knowledge on how to properly invigilate public examinations.

The training has been on-going since July 12, 2017 up to present. Over one hundred twenty -five persons who were participants of the past training session are now benefiting from the PWI on a periodic contractual employment.

The PWI is encouraging more females to take advantage of the training opportunities. The company is calling on more college students and qualified trade technicians to join the training session. In order to be part of the training, interested individuals must be  competent high school graduates; they  should not be  classroom teachers.

Serving as  Senior Administrator during the opening session of the Fifth Class of trainees, the Chief Executive Officer, James Henry Hall, disclosed that the mission of Praise Word Incorporated is not only to reduce mass failures in public tests, but  to create a system that will introduce evaluation answered booklets for examination candidates;  ensure full evaluation of public test candidates; supply an up to date laboratory equipment; provide teachers’ loans; manufacture copybooks; textbooks; and locally made school attires.

Speaking after the training session, Trainee Stanley E. Sackie said an invigilator is a person charged with the responsibilities of conducting a particular examination session in the presence of the candidates, while the role of an invigilator is to ensure that all candidates have equal opportunities to show their abilities and to prevent examination mal practices.

In another development, the company is calling on all high schools in Liberia to introduce Praise Word Incorporated system of Invigilation during their periodic test to enable students overcome fear factors during public examinations.

Chief Coordinator Officer T. Edweader Toliver made the call to the Liberian Educational Council as well as WASSEC to embrace the company’s system and include PWI in their testing and evaluation programs.


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