‘MLS Study Abroad’ Launched -As 63 African Students Benefit

By Mafanta Kromah

The Mohammed Lassana Sanoe (MLS) Study Abroad has launched its company in Liberia after helping over 63 African students go China for study in various fields at 23 different universities.

Speaking at the launching program on Wednesday January 31, 2018 at the YMCA conference hall on Crown Hill Monrovia, the CEO of the company Mohammed L. Sanoe noted that his idea came after he got the opportunity to study and decided to give back to his country and the continent through the MLS Study Abroad program.

Before he started sending people, Sanoe said there was issue of trust and he decided to use his mother stand for him so people will believe what he is saying and that his dream to help young African could be achieved

The CEO also said his own mother did not believe him during the start until when he helped send two young Liberians to China for studies.

“That was when my mother decided to take the bon and because of that we have helped 63 African students go China for further education, 80 percent of whom are Liberians,” he indicated.

He explained that his company was only registered in China but decided to legalize it in his own home Liberia, saying, “Today marks the official and grand launch of our company.”

Sanoe said their major challenge was getting people to trust someone they don’t see or know but said they manage to overcome that challenge and today they are at the point where there are some that have gotten their admission, some visa and others waiting on the results.

He said the process of getting the scholarship is merit based which requires a person to be an “A” or a “B” student. “We are working with 23 universities in China both government and private universities, these universities have scholarship slots for students and our company engaged them and students buy these slots and go for their studies but the scholarship also includes benefit such as allowance per month, accommodations and other scholarship benefits,” he said.

He maintained that the higher a person paid for the scholarship is US$4,500 for the 4 years of studies, which he said include visa, flight, slot and other fees within that time.

However, Sanoe explained that on many occasions his company has tried to get the government of Liberia through the Ministry of Education to intervene and see how they all help the young people get a better and quality education, stressing that they were not able to get their intervention.

He narrated that his company is not in the position now to help students go free on the scholarship but hopes with time his company will get the necessary funding to help smart students further their education abroad and get the knowledge and experience required and give back to their society.

He concluded that the benefit of his company in the process is that his company is awarded the last person slot money upon bringing in several persons. “For example if we brought 10 persons in one university, the one making it 11 is ours and it is left with us to take the money or give that to one smart student.”

Meanwhile, parents are being encouraged to send their kids abroad for studies as they too at first did not believe.

Among parents was Michael Sammie, father of one of the students studying in China who requested other parents and leaders to give their kids the opportunity to further their studies in a new environment where they will understand the world and when giving back to the society will be in international standards.


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