‘I Will Not Entertain Gossip’ -Mayor-designate Koijee Warns MCC Workers

By: Abraham Morris-231886294820-abrahammorrisabrahammorris@gmail.com

The Mayor-designate of the city of Monrovia and CDC Youth League Chairman, Jefferson Koijee, during a formal welcoming ceremony upon his ascendency as Mayor-designate, warned employees of the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) that he will not entertain gossip but rather encourage a collaborative spirit to enhance the MCC.

Speaking Friday, during programs marking his official welcoming ceremony by employees of the MCC, Koijee said he’s new on the job and would not pretend to be a Mayor; therefore, he would count on the expertise of the staff of that corporation to enhance the corporation and further develop Monrovia.

Koijee thanked everyone for gracing the occasion especially their donor, City Alliance International. He also thanked President George M. Weah for his preferment and fortitude to ensuring that the lives of ordinary Liberians are lifted.

Mayor-designate Koijee assured the MCC employees that despite their political affiliation during the recent elections, he’s not taking over to take away their jobs, but rather worked with them to ensuring that the aims and aspiration of President Weah’s pro-poor policy is achieved.

Koijee urged all resident of the city of Monrovia to cooperate with the MCC to ensure that Monrovia becomes a wholesome functioning city. He noted that he is open to learning in order to make sure Monrovia is advanced developmentally.

According to him, his priorities is not to take away jobs butt work with donors to ensure that even more jobs are created, because if the poor people cannot succeed under President Weah’s administration there will be a reversal of democracy.

“If democracy is something that changes the lives of people, then under Weah led-administration, depending on everyone’s collective support to the government, everyone will experience the true essence of democracy,” Koijee noted.

Speaking earlier, the Representative of the MCC workers union, Eric Doe, pledged his union’s fullest cooperation in working with the new city Mayor-designate to ensuring Monrovia is on par with other cities in the world.

Doe described Koijee as a partner owing to his youthful age. He also thanked the outgoing Mayor for her services rendered the corporation over the years.

Also speaking, the Minister of Internal Affairs-designate, Varney Sirleaf, promised to closely collaborate with Mayor-designate Koijee in order to improve and develop Monrovia.

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