Claims & Counterclaims Mar Johnsonville Land Crisis

By: Lewis K. Glay 0886469835/

Barely four days following claims of hooliganism attributed to a record number of inhabitants of Johnsonville over land crisis between former Finance Minister David Farhat, Sr. and residents of the Intestate Estate of Josahia A. Mayongar, as published in the In Profile Daily last Friday, February 16, 2018 the accused have made counterclaims in rebuttal.

On Monday, February 19, 2018,  John B. Haynes( Administrator) and James B. Twegbeh, Jr ( Secretary General), entered the offices of the In Profile Daily and denied claims levied against those labeled in last Friday publication, even though they revealed what they said orchestrated a standoff in the township recently.

According to them, the February 9 &14, 2018 incidents in the township were orchestrated by the judgment rendered by Paynesville Stipendiary Magistrate James A. Cooper, by throwing out a case they filed against Mr. Farhart and six others accused over the same land crisis.

Haynes and Twegbeh, displaying photos of destroyed cassava path, house pillars and a wounded person, claimed that loyalists of Mr. Farhat were the ones who carried out a raid against them.

They argued that the land which Mr. Farhat claims to be his is portion of the Intestate Estate of Josahia A. Mayongar, owned 1869 when William D. Coleman was President of Liberia.

The land in question, both men disclosed, is 350 acres, of which they claimed Mr. Farhat occupies 25 acres reportedly bought from Mr. Freddie Taylor, then Township Commissioner of Johnsonville.

“We are dealing with the Public Sale Deed; while Mr. Farhat is dealing with Warranty Deed. Freddie Taylor does not have land in Lower Johnsonville to give 25 acres to Mr. Farhat,” Haynes argued.

Apart from the photos displayed, Haynes and Twegbeh also displayed photo copies of court documents bearing the Paynesville Magisterial Court name, indicating writs of arrest which bear the names of Mr. Farhat, Tonia Carver, Anthony Carver, Abraham Carver, Martha Carver, among others as defendants for Criminal Trespass and Criminal Mischief.

They also exhibited Summary Proceeding document from the identical magisterial court for the August Term A.D. 2017 which bears the same defendants’ names for Criminal Mischief and Criminal Trespass.

This paper also gathered that when Judge Cooper threw the case out and Mr. Farhat and others were released, the Attorney-At-Law, Bob B. Laywhyee, Sr. representing the interest of the Intestate Estate of Josahia Mayongar  filed a complaint at the Criminal Court ‘A’ at the Temple of Justice and Judge Roosevelt Z. Willie called for a conference but Judge Cooper reportedly failed to attend.

Meanwhile, Hayes and Twegbeh told the In Profile Daily that Judge Cooper has called for rehearing of the case, but they have insisted that unless those released are re-arrested, they will not go for rehearing of the case.


Orange Launches Major New Promotion Giveaway “This Is My Time” -Customers to win thousands of US dollars in prizes

With only a few weeks since it completed its last giveaway called the “Christmas starts in October” campaign, the Management of Orange Liberia has already announced the launch of another major campaign. The new campaign was unveiled on Wednesday afternoon during a special press conference led by the Media Relations Manager for Orange Liberia Ms. Noosevett Weah.

Ms. Weah outlined that the new campaign is called the “this is my time” or “da ma tan” and is launched in partnership with Harbel supermarkets and Data Link. It is expected that hundreds of Liberians from across the country will win prizes ranging from 24 pressure cookers, 24 air conditions, 12 pressing irons, 90 daily cash prizes of US$300, 90 daily US$50 Harbel supermarkets vouchers, 12 refrigerators, 24 flat screen televisions, 6 generators, 12 motorbikes, 6 kekehs,  and 3 brand new Renault Duster vehicles. She announced the promotion was officially launched and admonished customers to begin texting so that they would have a chance to be one of the lucky winners.  “If you were not one of the Christmas in October winners, this is your time to win a prize from Orange.  Signup and begin participating for your chance to win,” said Ms. Weah.

“This is my time” is an SMS based quizzing game, which is being implemented in partnership with Orange and Datalink/Harbel Supermarket in a bid to bring joy to hundreds of Liberians across the country.   Ms. Weah outlined that in order to enter the promotion, Orange customers simply needed to text their first name to 334 to enter.   She emphasized that once the customer had entered, they would start to receive questions and each question answered correctly would take them one step closer to being eligible for the entering the draw to win a prize.   “The questions are very, very simple.  When the customer answers correctly an answer, he gets 20 points, and when the answer is wrong, he gets 10 points. The customers who get the most points enter daily, weekly and monthly draws to win.”  She went on to point out that each text message cost only ten US cents or ten Liberia dollars.  “Imagine that for just a few cents, customers will be walking away with prizes that are worth thousands of dollars.  Only Orange is able to give this much back to its customers.” said Ms. Weah.

The Chiefs Sales & Distribution Officer for Orange Liberia Mr. Isaac Muthama elaborated that winners would come from across the country.    “We want our subscribers to know that no matter where they are in Liberia, we will make sure they get their prizes.   If they win the cash prize, we will send it immediately by Orange Money.  If they win any of the other prize,  we ensure that it gets to them rapidly,” said Mr. Muthama.    He went on to point out  that Orange, Harbel Supermarkets and Data Link would give away US$300 to a new winner every day for three months as well as one brand new Renault Duster and two kekeh bikes every month for three months. He concluded: “It is a pleasure to be a part of this journey as Orange puts smiles on the faces and joy in the hearts of so many Liberians.”

Also speaking at the press conference was a representative of Data Link/Harbel Supermarket Madam Allison Morgan who expressed her company’s excitement about both the partnership with Orange and the “da ma tan” promotion.     “I invite Liberians from all walks of life to be a part of this very attractive campaign and start texting to win now.”

Hundreds of thousands of Orange subscribers are expected to participate in the promotion.

‘They Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves’ Deputy MD Reacts To Voodoo’s Story

By: Lewis K. Glay 0886469835/

The Deputy Managing Director for Administration at the National Port Authority (NPA), Cecilia Cuffy Brown, has sharply reacted to those who said she claimed to have unearthed buried artifacts of sorcery in her office, adding, ‘they should be ashamed of themselves.”

Deputy Managing Director Cuffy Brown clarified that she does not know ‘voodoo’ instead, she is a Christian who dedicates every office she occupies to God in order to ensure success as far as the responsibilities and functions given her to perform are concerned.

She admitted inviting a pastor to her new office as a means of dedicating it to God and in the process the pastor discovered gamble seeds and other items associated with voodoo.

The clarification came in the wake of Monday, February 19, 2018 Vol. 12 No.33 edition of the Front Page Newspaper story captured: VOODOO AT LIBERIA’S GATEWAY?

According to her, she has no reason to destroy anyone by creating a scenario to discredit people or a particular person who worked in the system before she was appointed to occupy one of those senior positions at the NPA.

The Deputy Managing Director also clarified that yes indeed, she elevated some workers in the system; but  those elevations were done in consultation with President George Manneh Weah in that currently, she is  Acting Managing Director until a Managing Director is appointed.

She further explained that her intension to consult the President before those elevations were made was based on the fact that the NPA Board of Directors has been suspended until it can be reconstituted, noting, “We need to put some things in place…..”

Madam Cuffy Brown confirmed the appointments of the HR, her (Deputy MD) sister, among others. According her, the HR has worked diligently with integrity, even during the transitional period and thus deserves the opportunity as such. For her sister, she clarified that she was within the system during the administration of former Managing Director Matilda Parker, emphasizing that all those she has employed were never employed based on special or preferential grounds.

At the same time, Deputy MD Cuffy Brown revealed that one segment of workforce within the port which she lifted in terms of wages is causal labor. According to her, as someone who respects dignity of labor, it is inhumane to pay people who have worked for 5-6 or 10 years   US$2.50 per day; hence, she raised the wage of each causal laborer to US$5.00 per day.

She also disclosed that for the short period of time spent in office, her management has held talks with authorities of the Liberia Revenue Authority, APM Terminal, Customs Broker Association and other dually recognized entities that have access to the Freeport of Monrovia, to identify means by which some longstanding obstacles that affect port users and the general public can be addressed.

Minister Shoniyin Calls For Inclusion

By: Mafanta Kromah

Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister, B. Elais  Shoniyin, is calling on the Ministry of Education to include entrepreneurship into the educational curriculum of the country to help young minds envision being employers instead of employees.

He said the reason why many young people leave collage without a vision is because the instructors failed to do the work or lack the idea of their function to make their students visionaries.

Shoniyin made the statement during the launch of the Horn Entrepreneurship’s Diamond Challenge at the Monrovia Vocational Training Center in Paynesville. He indicated that in vocational institute, vocational and technical skills are taught but how to put acquired skills into use is not given.

According to him, many people leave collage to work only in government, stressing “They think government is a place to make money or get rich, but fail to realize that it is a place for service.”

Shoniyin further noted that Liberia did not have control over its economy before the civil war and after a transition of power, foreigners still control over the Liberian economy.

He indicated that the same opportunity given to foreigners is the same opportunity given to Liberians but “we Liberians don’t have the spirit of entrepreneurship. In a society where every good thing you see has to be done by government comes with trouble.”

Furthermore, Rebecca Archer-Knepper, the Assistant Public Affairs Officer at the US Embassy in Liberia, urged the students that the challenge is a great opportunity to transform the youth of the nation and that they are the future Liberia depends on.

She said many young people think it is the duty of the government to provide the entire job but noted that, adding, “Government cannot and should not provide the entire job in the country.”

Knepper stressed that the one week training and challenge will help change students’ idea into finding solution to problems in the community and country they reside, emphasizing that one can start a business at anytime but maintained they have had the opportunity at a young age and have a lot of time and strength to make an impact in their society.

She also encouraged the student entrepreneurs to make use of the skills and apply whatever they are going to learn in the one week, which she said will help Liberia from where it is now to the middle income country it wants to be.

“Where there are needs, there are ways to make money and know that when you can identify a need, you can identify a way to make money. You just need to look at your surrounding and see how to come out with the solution of the need,” Knepper told the students.

She continued: “Instead of looking for money to help your community, look for a community to make money by providing their solution, you need to look at things in a different way and you will see a lot of ways to solving them.”

At the same time, Former Minister of Youth and Sports, Saah N’Tow, explained that Liberia has experienced lots of setback in its development journey but noted that “It is not too late to start now.”

He said entrepreneurship is a race that is not about who started first but winning and reaching at the destiny is what matters.

He said high school is a good place to start because the students are young with great ideas and can succeed, noting “You are about to solve problems but you can’t solve these problems if you envy others.”

Horn Entrepreneurship’s Diamond Challenge is a globe entrepreneurship concept competition that utilizes the skills and experiences to nurture high school students in generating ideas and turning them into innovative businesses to solve problems in their communities and generate incomes for themselves and also contributes to the growth of the economy.

The theme of the program is “Creating a sustainable Future for Liberia: Tapping into the Potential of Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation.”

The program is being sponsored by the US Embassy, Horn Entrepreneurship, GIST, Ministry of Youth and Sports, and among others.


VP Howard-Taylor Raps on Family Values -Inducts Esteemed Gentlemen Organization Leadership

Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor has called on officials of the Esteemed Gentlemen Organization to prioritize mentorship.

The Esteemed Gentlemen Organization is a group of professionals and family men united in one bond. It is a secular, apolitical and social organization founded in 2014.

Speaking Saturday, February 17, 2018, when she served as keynote Speaker at the third   induction ceremony of the Organization, held at a local hotel, VP- Taylor cautioned officials of the organization to be more proactive in changing the lives of the younger ones.

According to a release from the office of the Vice president, VP Howard-Taylor urged the leadership of the group, to always lead by examples.

The Liberian Vice president mentioned that over thirty years of the country’s crisis, every fabric of our country was broken down, most especially, the family which suffered the most.

VP- Taylor however, called on the Esteemed Gentlemen Organization to be vigorous and work in partnership with other organizations including   the YMCA and YWCA.

She said, this will   sustain the continuation of our peace, help in building the family and good mentorship for the younger generation.

She noted that taking over leadership is a call to service for which those who are elected to steer the affairs of the organization, must lead the organization to a higher height.

VP- Taylor spoke on the serious nature of single parents, because of the absence of fathers in many homes.

VP- Taylor then made her initial contribution of twenty five bags of rice to the Esteemed Gentlemen organization and promised that her office will work with them in carrying out some of their initiatives.

In response, the newly inducted Chairman EG Senesee Geso Freeman thanked VP Taylor for gracing the occasion.

The Chairman, who spoke on behalf of the organization, pledged their support in working with the office of the Vice President.

Others elected include, Benedict T. Fully Co-chair, Ansu Konneh Secretary, Calixte Hessou Assistant secretary, Azepturs S. Barbu Financial secretary, Stephen Fuller treasurer and Parker K. Johnson Parliamentarian.


Eggs Shortage Hits Liberia

Liberia is said to be experiencing a major and alarming shortage of eggs. Egg is one of the key products on the local market that many consumers go for due to its importance.

It produces protein for the body and is widely consumed in Liberia especially at shops, stores and in other communities.

A cart of egg is now sold for L$800.00 (eight hundred Liberian dollars) instead of L$400.00 (four hundred Liberian dollars) it was previously sold for, something many consumers termed as worrisome. Currently, an egg sold between L$40.00 and L$50.00.

Despite the local production of eggs on the market, what appears to a shocking scarcity raises more questions than answers.

Businessman turn-politician Benoni Urey’s Farm, the Wulki’s Farm was is known for the production of eggs on the local market. But it has been observed that after the just ended elections the product is so far relatively not seen at several business centers.

Liberians over the period have been importing most of what they eat. The Agriculture sector, according to some consumers, is not making maximum use of the soil to ensure that Liberia feeds itself.

On the other hand, several farmers across the globe have complained of the lack of support to enhance their productivity.

They name some of challenges as lack of equipment or tools to work with including the lack of farm to market roads which most often affects their effectiveness.

In the wake of the current nightmare several Liberians are appealing to National Government to see the need to strengthen the Agriculture sector and make Liberia self sufficient in food production especially making use of its rich soil.

Additionally, President Weah in his platform promised to help revamp the sector to ensure the Country helps its people.

Agriculture is one of the pillars that helps any Country in its fast growth and development and if the CDC led Government can work and address some of the challenges of the sector Liberia can gradually move forward.





Resignation Demand! -Or Restoring Sanity At UL Compete

By Mafanta Kromah &  Juliana Noah Johnson

Students of the University of Liberia have insisted on the immediate resignation of Dr. Ophelia Weeks, President of the university.

Martin Kollie, Secretary General of the Student Unification Party noted that Dr. Weeks’ resignation demand is non-negotiable.

The action of conscious students which started last Friday seems to be a demonstration of all collective resolve to put an end to what the students said is a dictatorial and non-consultative leadership of Dr. Weeks at the state-run university.

Kollie said over 20,000 students have expressed a ‘vote of no confidence’ in Dr. Weeks’ ability to lead and make any difference, stressing, “ We call on the people’s

President, His Excellency George Manneh Weah to intervene without further delay.”

The SG of UP indicated that the uncompromising demands of the students  are the need for an unconditional reopening of registration for 8,000 students who are yet to register and the immediate resignation of Dr. Weeks as President of the university.

He maintained that  SUP along with thousands of conscious students will

ensure this unapologetic stance in pursuit of a new era that offers hope through

quality education.

According to him, until these demands are met also all 20,000 students should consistently assemble on both campuses of the university every day until their demands are addressed.

Kollie said SUP expresses dissatisfaction over the brutal action of some police

officers who allegedly chose to use lethal force against armless, harmless and peaceful students during the second day of their protest.

“The illegal and anti-student invasion of the Capitol Hill Campus by police officers

re-echoes the dark days of Taylor and Doe. We encourage President Weah to

intervene before this situation degenerates into something else. The militants of SUP will henceforth resist any further invasion(s) by police officers,” he added.

Kollie further noted: “Registration process must unconditionally reopen for all 8,000 of their colleagues who are yet to register and Dr. Weeks must resign without further delay.”

At the same time, the Student Integration Movement (SIM) is also in collaboration

with the SUP, demanding the resignation of the president and the reopening of

registration for colleagues that are yet to register.

Statement released by SIM described the leadership of Dr. Weeks as despotism and

wickedness and demanded it must come to an end.

Speaking with Losene Talawally, member of  SIM,  he noted that the unbending quest for quality tertiary education at the University of Liberia has always been a major public outcry by students and sympathizers in the public sphere.

“Struggling and poverty-stricken students at the University of Liberia have

been vehemently denied by these evil driven individuals who have strangulated us

from our fundamental right, that is education as enshrined in Article 6 of the April

6, 1986 Constitution,” Talawally indicated.

He continued: “Far too long, we have demonstrated consistent clarion calls and

peaceful agitations signaling the immediate attention of the administration to see

genuine reason to open the controversial registration process but these pathetic calls have fallen on deaf ears which we are out here to showcase to President

George Weah to speedily intervene; if he really means well for this country.”

Student Talawally called on his fellow students that it was time they engage national government to quickly intervene, adding, “We are not going back to the infamous August 1984 where peaceful students were murdered by national government. Weeks must be assured today that her aunty Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is no longer the president of Liberia, neither the head of the weeks and weeks Incorporated. So, we call on this CDC-led government for her immediate role in solving this controversial registration process.”

Talawally further noted: “Sons and daughters of the slums, conscious men and women, militants of this hallowed walls of the University of Liberia will not sit meekly to witness this tragedy befall on us. In the cause of the masses, the struggle must end. As President Weah would often say, behold, we say bye to the Weeks and Weeks Incorporated.”

However, while there are many in favor of the protest, there are others that are

against the idea of protesting on the streets of the capital that resulted to traffic blocks for other students in other universities and private citizens.

Speaking with Rose Mulbah, student of the UL, she noted that there are many ways the protesters can handle the issues without going on the streets to infringe on the rights of other citizens.

“I wish they know that they can work this out without resulting into violence, they

should know that violence is not the way forward and we as Liberians and students

are not willing to go back to the past,” she stressed.

Furthermore, Barbara Williams, also a student of the UL, added that the action of their colleagues has been a stigma on their colleagues in other universities.

“Our fellow students that are out there protesting should also know that they are

infringing on the rights of other students in the university. We should know

that we will always not be right in some of our actions and this is one that is wrong,” she said.

“I support Dr. Weeks, the lady is trying her best to put in system but we are not

permitting her to do her work, for any institution to get better, there should be some sacrifices made and we as students need to accept that for the good of the

institution,” she explained

At the same time, based on a communication from President  Weah office,   several consultations with stakeholders, including the University Board of Trustee,  Dr.  Weeks, along with some  senior faculty staff planned a  dialogue conference with students on Monday, February 5 at the Fendall Main Campus which ended abruptly , having received information that students were demonstrating at Capitol Hill UL campus, with pronouncement that registration has been extended by one month beginning Wednesday,  , February  7, 2018

There have been calls coming from individuals who are greatly concerned about what is happening from  Russia, Germany and  America, adding that this university was established to provide great leaders that will compete with other scholars, around the world

Dr Weeks apologized to students that were eagerly seated to asked several questions including the press, saying, ‘ I have to leave to attend meeting with stakeholders in making sure we restore sanity as we have just been informed that the Speaker car was also stormed by the students,  students haven’t allowed themselves to be disciplined.”

Classes at the Fendell UL campus couldn’t hold as hundreds of students including faculty staff were seeing rushing out of the campus for fear that the students were gathering to do same at there.

During her remarks, Dr. Weeks disclosed that these demonstrations by students have caused several damages at the UL Capitol Hill campus, leading some electrical materials damaged, including a change in the 2018 academic calendar of event.

Some of the students speaking with the In Profile said their action was beyond registration extension, insisting that they want Dr. Weeks to leave as her working relationship with some faculty staff and students is not cordial.




‘Expeller’ Expelled -At Liberia Movie Union

With barely a week after it was reported that the Liberia Movie Union (LIMU) has expelled its President Martha E. Akorsah, for allegedly violating the union’s constitution, the organization has instead, with immediate effect, expelled its Vice President Henry D. Johnson.

According to the letter of expulsion which was signed by two-third (71) members of the Union at a mass meeting Sunday, February 4, 2018, LIMU said the decision to oust VP Johnson was taken as a result of his numerous strives to unseat Union President Akorsah.

Accordingly, the decision or power to expel any of its members for gross insubordination or for violating the union’s constitution rests in the hands of the general membership of the Liberia Movie Union.

The resolution  further noted that Mr. Johnson’s expulsion was driven by his greed for power; something it said has ruined and tarnished the hard earned reputation of the institution President, thus bringing her (Akorsah) to complete public ridicule.

“By the directive of the president, officials, stakeholders, directors, producers, actors and members of the Liberia Movie Union, you are hereby expelled as Vice President of the institution with immediate effect,” the letter noted.

The resolution continued: “It is against this background that you, Mr. Henry D. Johnson, is no longer a member of this noble institution and is hereby advised to abstain from all ongoing functions and activities of this institution.”

The resolution further indicated that failure on Mr. Johnson’s part to default the organization in whatever form and manner, a stringent action will be taken against him by the institution.

Meanwhile, the leadership and members of the Liberia Movie Union have once again reassured the general public and its many development partners that Madam Martha E. Akorsah remains the legitimate President of the union until elections are held later this month to find her successor.

Artus Frank, Musa Massaquoi, Kortu Momoh, among other movie stars who spoke in separate remarks at the meeting, told the gathering that the form and manner in which Mr. Johnson preceded with the expulsion of the institution’s president was in total violation of the laws that govern the union.

They commended Madam Akorsah for the level of leadership that she provided the union over the years, noting that she did not fail  LIMU as she only did what was necessary to move the institution forward.

“Why will you want to expel a president whose tenure has already expired? It does not make any sense to us. If you do that you are only taking the union from hero to zero and that is not where we want to see this organization right now. Let us try to build on the gains that Madam Akorsah has made in order for us to move this noble institution forward,” they said.

They acknowledged  that LIMU had lots of opportunities but all of them one way or the other missed those opportunities due to what they termed as the continuous internal wrangling among officials of the institution, something they said made the leadership failed to live up to the expectations of its members.

Meanwhile, members of the union have agreed to take its expelled VP Johnson to court for what they described as bringing the hard earned reputation of the organization to public disrepute.


Moses Kollie Appointment Lauded.

The pro-democracy group, Democratic Watch Forum (DWF), has lauded President George Manneh Weah for nominating former Lofa County Representative Moses Kollie for the position of Labor Minister.

According to the DWF, former Representative Kollie , as founding member of the Civil Servants Association of Liberia, and a major  player in the agriculture sector, will be an efficient agent in furthering the Pro-Poor Agenda of President Weah CDC-led administration.

The group said President Weah’s trust in the former lawmaker to lead the labor sector further testifies the President’s desire to transform the sector and ensure that the government addresses disadvantages and other unfavorable conditions in Liberia’s employment sector.

The civil society group also recalled what it called the significant role played by former Representative Kollie along with Mr. Jefferson Elliot and others in establishing the Civil Servants Association of Liberia in the early 2000, thereby being an organization that championed the cause of civil servants and other government employees in the face of threats and intimidation in work places.

The group in a release said it is its conviction that Mr. Kollie  is coming to the job with vast understanding of the plights of workers; as such, he would design and push policies that would bring dignity and sanctity in Liberia’s labor sector.

At the same time, the civil society group expressed confidence in Mr. Kollie who is the Vice Chairman of the governing party, due to his administrative skill and enormous knowledge in policy and lawmaking, coupled with his experience as former Chairman of the House of Representatives’ Committee on Investment & Concessions, and Ways, Means, Finance and Development Planning, noting that such background will add a great impetus to his work as Chief Administrator of the Labor Sector of Liberia.

Accordingly, the former lawmaker holds a Bachelor Degree in Public Administration (BPA) and a Master Degree  in Public Administration (MPA) with Minor in Management from the University of Liberia. He also obtained several certificates; one in Financial and Economic Management from the West African Institute of Financial and Economic Management (WAIFEM), Lagos, Nigeria;  two, a certificate in Customs, the Bureau of Customs & Excise, Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP), formerly the Ministry of Finance, as well as two certificates  in Legislative Budgeting and Good Governance, University of Georgia, Carl Vinson Institute of Government, Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.



“LEC Put Me Out Of Business”-Landlord Boayou Alleges

By: Fredrick P. W. Gaye

Nothing did Mr. Wallace S. Boayou know that it was going to turn into a legal battle over the use of his building, in Saclepea, Nimba County, allegedly by the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC).

Boayou was now constrained to take his plight to the media because LEC management is allegedly playing delay tactics, adding, “LEC put me out of business.”

Speaking with the IN PROFILE DAILY in Monrovia Friday, February 2, 2018, Boayou alleged that LEC used his building for five years: from 2012 to end of 2016, with the agreement of US$250.00 per month, that is, US$15,000.00.

According him, the corporation vacated the building without settling him; prompting him to sue LEC to the Debt Court in Sanniquellie City, Nimba County. He said, besides the US$15,000.00 rental fee LEC allegedly owes, he is claiming US$8,000.00 for damage, with his total claim of US$23,000.00.

Since the case started in February 2017: a year now, Boayou alleged that LEC is yet to pay the money, even though LEC authorities have allegedly admitted in court to using the building.

In a frustrated mood, Boayou narrated that, in 2012, LEC management sent its agents to negotiate for his building. Following the agreement, Boayou said, he invested huge money to prepare the building before LEC could move in.

Though the LEC failed to carry the agreement documents to him for signing as allegedly promised on several occasions, all electricity bills for the building, during the period under review, were in the name of LEC.

Boayou said he sees no reason for such delays in the payment of money; and that due to the court proceeding, he is going through lots of expenses.

The landlord pointed out that the alleged act of LEC is not only affecting his life, but also halting his efforts in empowering other Liberians.

He lamented that his children are out of school and college because he no longer affords their tuitions after spending his money on the building and the ongoing expenditures to take care of legal counsels and transportation, among others.

“This is unfair to me, maybe LEC thinks I am poor so management wants to take advantage, but I will not give up until my money is paid,” Boayou maintained.

He then called on the Chief Justice, activists and advocacy organizations to intervene.

When contacted, authorities at the LEC said they were aware of the matter, but said they could not comment further because doing so would be prejudicial since it is in court.