Phase One Textbooks’ Distribution Completed?

By: Precious Gaye/0886539331/

The Ministry of Education said it has completed the first phase of distribution of textbooks and school materials to some public schools in the country.

Though the process started in mid June and ended in July, some schools did not receive materials, Deputy Project Coordinator of the Global Partner for Education Project at the Ministry of Education, Joe Gbasakollie said: “When we did the assessment for the distribution, there were so many schools listed but due to the rain, we could not reach some schools. We have strategized that the CEOs and DEOs sign for books because it’s our primary goal for the students to receive the books.”

It is not yet known how many schools benefited, but Gbasakollie added: “We are doing a comprehensive report that will be concluded this week on all the schools that were served; [institutions] that were not reached. When we get that, we will tell you the total number of schools.”

 Another reason that contributed to the unfinished process, Gbasakollie disclosed:  “We used the enrollment data gotten from the Ministry done in 2011-2012 for the distribution; we understand that some schools came into existence following that survey. The {pieces of}information need to be validated by CEOs and DEOs for such schools to form part of the distribution.”

With more than two hundred members of the distribution team, including County Educational Officers (CEO) and District Education Officers (DEO) to curtail irregularities, Gbasakollie stressed: “We did a school- to- school delivery unlike the methods used in the past in which we experienced shortfalls.”

There may be a second phase of textbooks distribution as Gbasakollie noted: “We still have textbooks, readers in excess at Ministry of Education warehouses around the city.”

 In June 2015,  Gbasakollie  said “1,000,000  textbooks for grades 5-9 for the four core subjects, English, Math, Science, Social Studies with 20,000 teachers guides, supplementary readers for grades1-4, and instructional materials  for pupils in grade 1-9,   have been procured and stored at counties’ capitals to be distributed simultaneously nationwide.” 

He further noted: “We are planning to dispatch a team by the 17  of this month; the distribution team is comprising  over 200 staff of the ministry’s central office, including 15 County Education Officers (CEO), 98 District Education Officers (DEO), and 5 professional staff  from each  county. “ 

 The project is funded by the Global Partnership for Education, (GPE) and managed by the World Bank, while the implementing arm of the government is the Ministry of Education.



National Food Fortification Alliance To Be Launched Today

By Mafanta Kromah

The official launch of the National Food Fortification Alliance (NFFA) of Liberia is expected to take place today in Monrovia.

Deputy Minister of Commerce and Industry, Roland S. Carey, told a Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism regular press briefing on Thursday that the program takes place at the Alliance’s head office at the Nancy Doe Market in Sinkor.

Carey explained that the program seeks to keep mind and body strong to fight disease by eating fortified food. “The institution is promoting production of fortified food that will include vitamin and mineral to keep the body and mind strong,” he added.

He quoted statistics that 33% of the Liberian children is malnutrition which he said leads to a lot of physical and mental deficiency, considering it as critical to their growth and health. Carey said there is also malnutrition in adults which leads to high blood pressure, sugar and among others.

The Commerce Official said the program also seeks to protect and make sure that there are good and fortified food on the market for the Liberian citizens.

“This initiative will record significant gains in the fortification of food in Liberia, recognized the contribution made by organizations and individuals for the establishment and implementation of food fortification in Liberia, to enhance the border large scale corporation in collaboration with national stakeholders both private and public sector and to raise awareness on the National Food Fortification Alliance in Liberia among the general public in and around Liberia,” he said.

Carey revealed that the institution has established institution and legal framework and carried out series of capacity building functions and studies.  He averred: “They have quality ensure testing, industrialists advocacy and social marketing and among several others.”

He indicated that the Minister of Commerce for signing the Weed Fortification Regulation something he said help them make sure that flowers used to make bread and other food are well fortified for eating.

The National Fortification Alliance of Liberia was established in 2015 with with collaboration between the Ministry of Health and Commerce and some international partners with the purpose of knowing the types of food that are made and imported to Liberia.






Liberia Gets Global Lottery/Gaming Body Membership

The National Lottery Authority (NLA) has been admitted into a global lottery/gaming organization known as the International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR).

The NLA which is the regulatory body of all games-of- chance in the country including sporting betting, casinos, and lottery-ball games, among others, was accepted as a full member of the IAGR during the just-ended annual conference of the organization held in Johannesburg, South Africa, from October 16-19.

According to the Director General of the NLA, Martin S. Kollie, Liberia’s membership to that global gaming body was obtained after his delegation which included the Board Chairman of the NLA,  Claude J. Katta, fulfilled requirements and standards set by the IAGR for becoming a member.

Mr. Kollie explained that to be qualified to become member of the International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR) a gaming regulatory institution must submit the Act establishing said institution and must also have an approved and standardized regulations which conform to those of other countries.

The NLA head disclosed that his institution is young, having been established in 2014; however, the requirements demanded by IAGR were submitted in advance of the 2017 Johannesburg Conference as they (requirements) among others, seek to curtail illegal gambling, money laundering and other negative practices in the gaming sector. “As a member, each country is being monitored by IAGR to ensure that it conforms to the rules and regulations within the organization’s bylaws” Mr. Kollie emphasized.

He noted that by joining the IAGR, Liberia, through the NLA stands to benefit a lot from knowledge and experience sharing through seminars and new devices to prevent illegal gambling and money laundering; as each jurisdiction of member countries will avail their programs to one another from which others could copy and improve their country’s lottery/gaming sector.

“As per request to improve our lottery/gaming sector, we make good friends and mainly asked for monitoring machines to determine activities being done in the sector so as to detect fraudulent acts and also tract revenues raised from gaming activities to enhance revenue generation for national government,” he said.

According to him, joining the IAGR brings to three the number of international gaming regulatory bodies that the NLA is part of with the others being the African Lottery Association and the World Lottery Association.

The just ended Johannesburg IAGR conference was attended by about 260 delegates from countries in five continents included North and Central America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. The next (2018) conference of the IAGR is scheduled to be convened in Copenhagen, Denmark, a release has indicated.


‘Extraordinary’ -Senator Wesseh Describes UN’s Roles

By Abraham Morris-23188624820-


River Gee County Senator, Commany Wesseh, has described the role played by the United Nations (UN) in security, peace, economic livelihood, since its establishment in 1951 as “extraordinary”.

Serving as Keynote Speaker at the 72nd anniversary of the UN held at the Centennial Memorial Pavilion in Monrovia, Senator Wesseh said the UN carries a special meaning for Liberia given her role during the country’s civil crisis and the during the outbreak of the Ebola epidemic.

Senator Wesseh, quoting historians said the UN organization was initially created by 51 countries of the world to end World War II.

However, the River Gee Senator stressed that for Liberia, the UN provided platform for the country as the first independent republic on the continent of Africa to play an active role in international affairs.

Additionally, Senator Wesseh also averred that Liberia used the UN to lead the struggle for African independence from colonial rule; struggle against racist apartheid regime and system of South Africa; for a dedicated and forceful advocacy for the liberation of Southwest Africa, now Namibia for colonial domination and promotion of pan-Africanism.

He said for Liberians who experienced fire, blood-sweat, and tears as a result of 14 years of civil crisis that erupted on Christmas eve, 1989, that led to the death of over 250,000 persons and incalculable destruction of economic and other infrastructure and services, the UN played an extraordinary role in helping the country end armed violence, disarmed and demobilized combatants as well as build hopes.

“As we remember the UN from 1993, we do acknowledge the ECOMOG paid the highest prize for Liberia to live. To others, the UN and its agencies are sources of economic well-being- employment agencies and social cohesion,” said Senator Wesseh.

Senator Wesseh in extending Liberia’s gratitude to the UN and its agencies reminded Liberians to be mindful that since the creation of the UN, its membership has increased to 193 member States, each of whom must be noted for their contributions to the achievement made in the country.

He continued: “In the last 30 years, the most profound of Liberia’s achievement can be mentioned in terms of peace and stability. It is so peaceful that some people have forgotten that 14 years of our country smell of corpses- mostly innocent men, women and children.”



Education Minister Again! -Warned For Vulgarity

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has told Education Minister George Werner, that his recent statement on social media is unbecoming and inconsistent with his position as a senior official of government.

According to an Executive Mansion release, President Sirleaf made the statement on Monday during a conversation with the Education Minister.

The Liberian leader indicated further that the Minister’s social media statement is also a contradiction to and undermines her recent Special Statement on vulgarity, abuse and spread of hate messages by some Liberians during the Electoral process.

The President concluded by accordingly warning Minister George Werner and all other officials of government to stop such attitude and act in ways consistent with their status as public officials.

It can be recalled that huge criticisms rose from all sector of the Liberian society regarding recent comments made by Minister Werner on his Facebook wall denigrating the August 17, 2017 presidential debate and condemning the necessity of intellectualism in governance with specific reference of the Liberian Educational system.

Several Liberians described Minister Werner’s Facebook Post, as action that warranted his immediate dismissal as the Minister of Education.

Minister Werner in his Face book comments put forward a number of questions, and at the same time justifying his reasons for degenerating education by saying: “What’s the purpose of political debates in Liberia, and who are the debates for?

Education Minister Werner in his recent face book said: “Where’s the evidence that a candidate became President in Liberia because s/he was a great debater? Let those who manage the candidates advise them to campaign to their strengths. Don’t debate if it isn’t your strength. There are many other ways to articulate your platform or vision for the country. The debates could be a setup by the meritocratic elite (for the elite) to show how educated and knowledgeable they are. It’s been an essential part of Liberian history, of exclusion even, to eliminate the perceived uneducated through “book” talk.”

He continued: “Da book talk we’ll eat? For those who are surprised by this post, I haven’t changed my views since 2004. “They like hiding behind books to lie to the people. How does a debate, an intellectual exercise, help you to “live Liberia, think Liberia, and love Liberia”? By the way, who won the debates in 2005 and 2011? Where are they now?”

He continued: “To the book people, education does not promote equality and shared prosperity. Education alone is not enough to make anyone a “good” leader.”

The suggestion that all must participate in debates to justify their quest for leadership and their ‘educatedness” is tabata (origin in Kru, anything that does not make sense), to say the least.

“How about meeting voters in the palava huts, under the trees, in their communities and homes? By the way, don’t use the schools and break the desks and chairs. Advice to all candidates: campaign to your strengths. Don’t follow the meritocratic elites’ intellectual stagecraft. They set it up to their advantage with their unscrupulous recorders and editors,” Minister Werner’s social media post read.

As a result of such comments on the Liberian educational system; the Liberian Senate summoned him to appear before that august body to give reason why he should not be held in contempt.

His appearance angered several Senators including Montserrado County Senator Geraldine Doe-Sheriff who raised concerns over the Minister’s demeaning comments on social media against education.

Senator Sheriff called on her colleagues in the Senate to declare “vote of no confidence” for his comments made against the country’s educational system.

Eleven of the 16 senators voted in favour of the motion to pass a vote of no confidence in the Education Minister, but a motion for reconsideration from Senator George Tengbeh of Lofa County stalled the process of informing the President of their decision.


African Disable Group Reviews Disability Laws, Policies

The African Youth with Disabilities Network-Liberia Chapter (AYWDN) Monday began a five-day national forum on revision of policies and Act creating the National Commission on Disability in Liberia.

The review process seeks to compare ideas with the Act that created the Sierra Leone National Commission on disabilities, the Ghana National Commission on disabilities, and other existing laws and policies in favor of persons with disabilities.

Funded by Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA), the exercise will also help government in its efforts to close the gap that currently exists between the disabled and non-disabled population with special emphasis on healthcare, education, and improve the public perception about disabilities and their relationship with People With Disabilities (PWDs).

Addressing the opening session, AYWDN Country Coordinator B. William M. Yarsiah revealed that instead of youths with disabilities sitting back and waiting for the state and others to make good for them, they are resolved to take some responsibilities.

Yarsiah warned against criticisms that will derail the revision process as it seeks to provide for a law that will provide for the overall protection of persons living with disabilities.

“We should not sectionalize or focus on who takes credit for the creation of a holistic law that represents the interest of PWDs,” Yarsiah indicated.

He frowned on what he calls the lack of political will by the National Commission on Disability (NCD) in making sure that the voices of persons with disabilities are heard at both the national and international levels.

He recalled that since some sections of the NCD law were amended and forwarded to the National Legislature in 2012, they are still in committee room.

Also in remark, Daintowon Pay-Bayee of the Federation of Liberian Youth and a member of the disable community stressed the preparedness of PWDs to ensuring the inherent dignity remains on course.

She blamed government for giving less attention to issues on PWDs and vowed to ensure that their community is moved from charity and medical to the human rights model that provides for teaching them to fish for themselves.

“All we are getting is lip-service on the employment of qualified disabled  into government,” she added

The forum is being held at the Kakata Kountry Club and is expected to last up to Friday October 27.

It brings together heads of several disable groupings and the head of the National Commission on Disabilities.

AYWDN Liberia Chapter was established as a result of a Steering Committee Strategic Planning and Training Session organized by the Open Society Initiative for East Africa (OSIEA) along with the Open Society Foundation’s Youth Initiative (YI) and Disability Right Initiative (DRI) in Nairobi, Kenya. The Liberia Chapter of the AYWDN was established during a convening of twenty-nine (29) Youth with Disabilities (YWDs) on February 21, 2012 under the auspices of the Association of Disabled Females of Liberia.

The overarching objectives of this project are to review, draft and strengthen existing laws and policies in favor of persons with disabilities for future enactment through constitutional provision for the creation of an inclusive barrier free society where all persons with disabilities will live in dignity exercise their rights and participate in all spheres of life.


Riffelalp Resort Donates To Calvary Baptist Church

A five-star hotel based in Zermatt, Switzerland, has donated a modern pianoto the Calvary Baptist Church located on 18th Street in Sinkor.The piano was part of the Hotel’s many contributions to the Church and people of Liberia.

One of the brains behind the initiative, Mrs. Anne Schilter Anderson from Maryland County and Chief Executive Officer of West Africa distributors, told newsman that the Riffelalp Management is happy to engage and extend assistance to the Calvary Baptist Church, whose core champion is to win souls for Christ by spreading the Gospel.

Presenting the item to the Church was the Operations Manager of West Africa Distributor, Joseph Anderson, who promised the beneficiary that the gesture is one of many to come.

Anderson said they will remain engaged with the Church and ensure that they assist in whatsoever program that the Calvary Baptist Church intends to undertake.

As part of its many assistance to Liberia, the Business body has helped several schools, orphanages including local and national institutions with several needed items.

He named furniture, lamps, desks,beds, bedding andchairs, among others with the latest being the modern piano.

Madam Schilter, speaking to reporters, put the total cost of the items donated thus far including shipping at about one hundred thousand United States dollars (US$100,000.00)

Receiving the Piano, Senior Pastor of the Calvary Baptist Church, Rev. G. Larque Vaye, lauded Riffelalp Resort Management for what he termed as a timely gesture.According to him, the Piano is very useful to the Church’s Music ministry.

He assured the Business group that the piano will be used for its intended purpose.Keep up your good work and God will continue to bless you, he added.

Riffelalp Resourt is one of the best five star hotels in Zermatt, Switzerland.


LACC Investigation Compromised? …Brewerville-Bopolu Road Report Halted, But LACC Reacts

By Abraham

An ongoing investigation into the construction of Brewerville-Bopolu road project conducted by the Liberia Anti Corruption Commission (LACC) is reportedly halted by its Chairman Cllr. James Verdier, upon President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s instruction.


But in reaction, the LACC Boss in an email communication to the In Profile Daily, vehemently denied the allegation and termed the information as “so-called” and news to his ears because it lacks an ounce of truth associated and referenced to him.


During an interview with unnamed official of LACC  said an investigation was launched into a contract awarded by the Ministry of Public Works when a former Deputy Minister (name withheld), reportedly called for a Bid of Quantity (BoQ) from Liberian construction firms Westwood and Solid Rocks presented a BoQ of US$3.5millions, but was reportedly rejected because the then Deputy Minister had allegedly contacted Tony Lawal, owner of Pealat Construction to register another company under the name Praise Gloria Lawal (PGL) Construction Company to enable him win the bid.

Accordingly, the source hinted that when Lawal registered the PGL Construction Company, the contract was reportedly awarded him with an unjustified rise of US$5.5millions.

Hence, the source divulged that when former Public Works Minister Antoinette Weeks took over the ministry, she reportedly put hold on the contract due to its alleged dubious and unjustified nature.

The source further hinted that prior to Minister Weeks departure from the ministry, she reported the case to the LACC for investigation due to the alleged dubious nature of the rise in the contract as well as the manner and form in which the contract was awarded and the contractor’s previous work history on the Belle Yallah road.

Therefore, the source further hinted that the General Auditing Commission (GAC) and the LACC wrote Minister Moore to discontinue contract until a full scale audit and investigation is concluded.

The LACC and GAC, according to the insider, further wrote the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP), not to issue or disburse a dime on the contract.

Accordingly, the source intimated that since Minister Moore took over the ministry and further allegedly increased the contract for which he was subject to investigation by the LACC.

Additionally, Minister Moore was invited more than thrice along with his lawyer to show the road works been done by the company that necessitated the rise of the contract from US$ 3.5million to US$5.5million and then US$9.5millions.

The LACC insider hinted that Minister Moore reportedly told the LACC investigators that the road was expanded from its previous size; however, the source averred that when LACC took an independent engineer on the road, there were no sign of expansion for which there was an addendum in the contract.

When the In Profile Daily contacted Minister Moore via mobile phone for his reaction to these claims, Minister Moore reply via text saying: “How many times or what the LACC investigates is not my business. To be honest, I don’t care. I have a job to do and focused on it. PGL has a contract to build the road from Brewerville to Bopolu. They won the contract before I became Minister. That contract was expanded as a notice to proceed. Again, this happen before I became Minister.”

Minister Moore continued: “Under my leadership, the expanded contract was regularized and reduced by US$1million. It is just cynical to report absolute nonsense that is not base on actual fact. Have a nice day.”

The LACC source said the alleged halt of the Public Works Minister was due to the involvement of several top officials of government as well as close family members of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

But Cllr. Verdier in further reactions noted: “I have not placed a hold on any investigation; no investigation for that matter is “on hold.” An investigation involving the Ministry of Public Works is progressing unhindered with no interruptions. I would be pleased to see from you or your so-called anonymous source, any evidence demonstrating intent to disrupt said investigation on my part. This is false and so non-existent.”

He furthered: “That I received bribes on two occasions from persons I don’t even know and have not met? I am not only challenging you, but I also pleading with you to make public, the name of the govt official and those Bank accounts. Why are you withholding them? I urge you to make these evidence available immediately. I can assure you that I have not and will never indulge in such “out of character” conduct. There has been no report submitted to my office or the Body of Commissioners, which has been withheld. This is falsehood, this is malicious and it is wicked.”

Cllr. Verdier, in further reaction, also stated that: “I have not met with nor had any discussion with President Johnson-Sirleaf since the LACC launched a one-day training workshop for targeted government of Liberia personnel who were designated to handle asset declaration filing in the three branches of government. This workshop was held at the Corina hotel and it took place sometime in July 2017. Her Excellency attended and launched that workshop.”

He continued: “Mr. Morris, I can also assure you that you are not going to get this level of attention from me again, if you are going to engage in such cheap journalism. I would appreciate that you will confront me with evidence of these so-called “anonymous accusers” present to you before giving such attention to share lies and destructive plans. These cowards only intended to malign and discredit a worthy public servant who continues to uphold integrity, demonstrate rectitude and promote probity in public service. On the other hand, my office remains open and available to work with you all in the media as we undertake the onerous tasks of educating, investigating and prosecuting acts of corruption in Liberia.”

Meanwhile, investigation continues………..

AFL Reaffirms Political Neutrality

The Ministry of National Defense says its attention has been drawn to the Institute for Research and Democratic Development (IREDD) press release on 5, October 2017 on Electoral Integrity and Abuse of Incumbency and published in the New Dawn Newspaper on 6 October 2017.

In a statement issued October 19, 2017, the Armed Forces of Liberia High Command categorically refuted allegation against it neutrality by IREDD.

“The Armed Forces of Liberia remains politically neutral in all electoral processes in Liberia and its personnel have at no time been involved in the construction of campaign stages for any political party,” the Ministry said..

Based on the integrity of the Armed Forces of Liberia, the Chief of Staff, Major General Daniel D. Ziankahn Jr., mandated a team of investigators comprising of the AFL Deputy Chief of Staff (DCOS), Legal Officer and the Provost Marshall Investigators (PMI) to look into the allegation. The team visited IREDD head office in Sinkor on 9 October 2017 to ascertain the facts and verified the authenticity of the allegation.

During the visit, the team met Mr. Harold M. Aidoo, Director of IREDD along with other senior members of the organization. The Director acknowledged that his organization failed to confirm the authenticity of the allegation from the leadership of the AFL before publishing it in the IREDD press release which was subsequently published in the New Dawn newspaper. In furtherance of the investigation, the team also visited Barnesville community on 11 October 2017, where they interviewed residents and petty traders around the Barnesville estate football field. The people confirmed that on September 13, 2017, they saw some men dressed in blue jeans, white T- shirt, black boots and jackets with EXSECON inscription at the back around the football field. They further informed the team that no AFL personnel were seen in the general vicinity of the football field during the entire campaign rally.

On 12 and 13 October 2017, supervisors of EXSECON, Mr. George Samukai and Mr. Prince Nimely were also interviewed. The team also established phone contacts with the supervisors of the musical and entertainment group called “DJX Production” who confirmed that they hired EXSECON to provide security coverage for the construction of the podium and their performance at the UP campaign rally at Barnesville Estate Football field on 13 September, 2017.

IREED gave the names and phone numbers of the witnesses to the team to buttress their claims on the publication; Mitchell Green, Kenedy Kolubah,  Alex Slomo , John V. Farmah  and McDonald Keh.  When contacted by the team, only three responded. Mr. McDonald Keh confirmed that he is not a resident of Barnesville and his name is Isaac Wleh and not McDonald Keh. Mitchelle Keh and John V. Farmah were not reachable after several efforts.  Alex Sumo confirmed that he did not see any person in AFL uniform on the field during the campaign rally.

The findings of the team’s report unveil that Madam Sackey, Project Manager of IREDD, is the brain behind the falsehood. She did not make any effort to confirm if the individuals providing security for the construction of the platform were AFL personnel even when the security personnel were there for 3 days from 11 – 13 September. IREDD also failed to describe the uniform worn by the security personnel.

Members of the Armed forces of Liberia were sensitized on the Code of Conduct for personnel during elections. AFL is a professional Army that supports and defends the constitution of the republic of Liberia. It is politically neutral and will remain a force for good.














NOBEL Liberia, Ecobank In Partnership For Money Transfer Service

Nobel Liberia, on  Wednesday, October 18, 2017, added on its list Ecobank as one its partnership in the Money Transfer service. Other partners of Nobel include Liberia Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI) and International Bank (IB).

This partnership with Ecobank is the newest from efforts being made by Nobel Liberia management team with several Liberian banking institutions in order to create an easy access to Liberians wanting to receive money from the United States.

The program was attended by officials of both institutions including the Managing Director of Ecobank Liberia, Mr. George Mensah Asante who expressed thanks and appreciation to the management team of Nobel Liberia for the initiative to form partnership with Ecobank in the area of ‘Money Transfer Services’.

Asante said the initiative being exhibited by Nobel Liberia to establish Money Transfer services with banking institutions within Liberia must be lauded, and also assured Nobel  of his institution’s willingness to working with them.

For his part, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Noble Liberia, Jallah Kesselly, noted with keen interest in the growth and development of the Liberian economy, and further noted that his institution, the only Money Transfer Company that sends money in Liberia, but does not send money out of Liberia, adding, “We will like to keep money in Liberia, rather than sending money out of Liberia.”

He said his Company’s remittance service is the most convenient, cheap and notably the easier way for Liberians in the United States to send money back home to their friends and relatives.

Speaking further, Mr. Kesselly said that Nobel Money Transfer Service is currently available in Michigan, Maryland, North Carolina, Minnesota, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Colorado and Philadelphia with cities and states to follow suit very soon.

On the arrangement with Ecobank Liberia and other banking institutions in the Country, the CEO of Noble Liberia lauded the management team of Ecobank Liberia considered as the Pan African Bank for its services to people of Liberia, and further lauded other banking institutions that are bringing relief to the Liberian financial sector.

Making assurances to the many customers of Noble Liberia Money Transfer Service, Mr. Kesselly said for every ten transactions that will be made by a single individual to receive Money from the US, that individual will receive a free Premium bag of Nobel US parboil rice and a T-Shirt. He said this move is Nobel Liberia way of showing love and appreciation to those utilizing their Money Transfer service. In a related development, Mr. Kesselly disclosed that Nobel Money Transfer service will be available in all UBA banks by the end of October.

Noble Liberia has over the years since its formation as a financial institution provided thousands of United States dollars to various charitable Liberian causes, for example Miss Liberia, Chicago Bright Foundation and Monrovia Football Academy to name a few.

Also present at the occasion were the Financial Comptroller of Nobel Liberia, Mr. Nim’ne Elliot Mombo, Jr., while Ecobank Liberia representatives who also witnessed the occasion included Gibson Kollie head of Consumer Banking, William Krakue; head of Remittances, Trokon Jackson; head of Clients Engagement Management and Ivy Fairley Fahnbulleh; head of marketing communication.

Customers of Nobel Money Transfer Service can also pick up their money from the Nobel Liberia head office on 11th Street, Tubman Boulevard in Sinkor, located in the Bible Society Building; working hours daily are 9am through 7pm from Monday through Friday; and on Saturday from 9am to 2pm. For more information regarding Nobel Money Transfer please call: (Liberia) 0886612037/ 07770011013 (USA) +1-886-996-363; On our Face Book page visit: