LACC Investigation Compromised? …Brewerville-Bopolu Road Report Halted, But LACC Reacts

By Abraham Morris-23188624820-abrahammorrisabrahammorris@gmail.com

An ongoing investigation into the construction of Brewerville-Bopolu road project conducted by the Liberia Anti Corruption Commission (LACC) is reportedly halted by its Chairman Cllr. James Verdier, upon President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s instruction.


But in reaction, the LACC Boss in an email communication to the In Profile Daily, vehemently denied the allegation and termed the information as “so-called” and news to his ears because it lacks an ounce of truth associated and referenced to him.


During an interview with unnamed official of LACC  said an investigation was launched into a contract awarded by the Ministry of Public Works when a former Deputy Minister (name withheld), reportedly called for a Bid of Quantity (BoQ) from Liberian construction firms Westwood and Solid Rocks presented a BoQ of US$3.5millions, but was reportedly rejected because the then Deputy Minister had allegedly contacted Tony Lawal, owner of Pealat Construction to register another company under the name Praise Gloria Lawal (PGL) Construction Company to enable him win the bid.

Accordingly, the source hinted that when Lawal registered the PGL Construction Company, the contract was reportedly awarded him with an unjustified rise of US$5.5millions.

Hence, the source divulged that when former Public Works Minister Antoinette Weeks took over the ministry, she reportedly put hold on the contract due to its alleged dubious and unjustified nature.

The source further hinted that prior to Minister Weeks departure from the ministry, she reported the case to the LACC for investigation due to the alleged dubious nature of the rise in the contract as well as the manner and form in which the contract was awarded and the contractor’s previous work history on the Belle Yallah road.

Therefore, the source further hinted that the General Auditing Commission (GAC) and the LACC wrote Minister Moore to discontinue contract until a full scale audit and investigation is concluded.

The LACC and GAC, according to the insider, further wrote the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP), not to issue or disburse a dime on the contract.

Accordingly, the source intimated that since Minister Moore took over the ministry and further allegedly increased the contract for which he was subject to investigation by the LACC.

Additionally, Minister Moore was invited more than thrice along with his lawyer to show the road works been done by the company that necessitated the rise of the contract from US$ 3.5million to US$5.5million and then US$9.5millions.

The LACC insider hinted that Minister Moore reportedly told the LACC investigators that the road was expanded from its previous size; however, the source averred that when LACC took an independent engineer on the road, there were no sign of expansion for which there was an addendum in the contract.

When the In Profile Daily contacted Minister Moore via mobile phone for his reaction to these claims, Minister Moore reply via text saying: “How many times or what the LACC investigates is not my business. To be honest, I don’t care. I have a job to do and focused on it. PGL has a contract to build the road from Brewerville to Bopolu. They won the contract before I became Minister. That contract was expanded as a notice to proceed. Again, this happen before I became Minister.”

Minister Moore continued: “Under my leadership, the expanded contract was regularized and reduced by US$1million. It is just cynical to report absolute nonsense that is not base on actual fact. Have a nice day.”

The LACC source said the alleged halt of the Public Works Minister was due to the involvement of several top officials of government as well as close family members of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

But Cllr. Verdier in further reactions noted: “I have not placed a hold on any investigation; no investigation for that matter is “on hold.” An investigation involving the Ministry of Public Works is progressing unhindered with no interruptions. I would be pleased to see from you or your so-called anonymous source, any evidence demonstrating intent to disrupt said investigation on my part. This is false and so non-existent.”

He furthered: “That I received bribes on two occasions from persons I don’t even know and have not met? I am not only challenging you, but I also pleading with you to make public, the name of the govt official and those Bank accounts. Why are you withholding them? I urge you to make these evidence available immediately. I can assure you that I have not and will never indulge in such “out of character” conduct. There has been no report submitted to my office or the Body of Commissioners, which has been withheld. This is falsehood, this is malicious and it is wicked.”

Cllr. Verdier, in further reaction, also stated that: “I have not met with nor had any discussion with President Johnson-Sirleaf since the LACC launched a one-day training workshop for targeted government of Liberia personnel who were designated to handle asset declaration filing in the three branches of government. This workshop was held at the Corina hotel and it took place sometime in July 2017. Her Excellency attended and launched that workshop.”

He continued: “Mr. Morris, I can also assure you that you are not going to get this level of attention from me again, if you are going to engage in such cheap journalism. I would appreciate that you will confront me with evidence of these so-called “anonymous accusers” present to you before giving such attention to share lies and destructive plans. These cowards only intended to malign and discredit a worthy public servant who continues to uphold integrity, demonstrate rectitude and promote probity in public service. On the other hand, my office remains open and available to work with you all in the media as we undertake the onerous tasks of educating, investigating and prosecuting acts of corruption in Liberia.”

Meanwhile, investigation continues………..

Neglecting Core Responsibility

Before the October 10 elections, the Code of Ethics, a guiding principle, was distributed among Liberian journalists. The distribution was part of efforts in refreshing journalists’ capacity during the electoral period.

According to section two of the Election Coverage, journalists, including talk show hosts, have a responsibility to be accurate and impartial in their coverage of the election issues and candidates, with all candidates given opportunities to be heard and questioned.

But observations have it that the core responsibility, which inculcates of these guiding principles are being ignored by Liberian journalists during this electoral period; something that may bring the Liberian media under serious disrepute if not urgently addressed.

Some journalists are observed using hate messages and combustible statements in newspapers, on radio stations, televisions and on social media, thus raising concerns; acts that portray them as partisan journalists.

The Press Union of Liberia (PUL) is not hesitant in expressing such grave concerns, which it sees as being counter-productive to the peace and stability of Liberia.

In a statement issued October 20, 2017, under the headline “PUL ON JOURNALISTS’ SAFETY & DEPORTMENT,” PUL warned the media in Liberia to end their increasing combustible posture during the 2017 presidential runoff.

The Union alarmed the news contents of some media institutions during the elections have been marred by opinions skewed in the interest of media owners who are mainly politicians. It pointed that social media has also seen destructive and vulgar rhetoric from journalists in support of rival political parties.

“The Press Union is therefore calling on its members and journalists in Liberia to refrain from dispositions which could tear down democratic gains made in Liberia,” the statement maintained.

PUL’s President, Charles B. Coffey, Jr. told a mass meeting of journalists in Monrovia Friday that media practitioners should avoid acts that will tarnish the reputation of journalism. Coffey expressed fears that current deportment of media practitioners could invite harm to their persons.

Violence against journalists, the Union said, is unacceptable, thus reminding the news media in Liberia to recognize its duty to the state.

The very principle of journalism “truth-telling” is being ignored shamefully by some journalists at the time when they are needed most.

The Press Union of Liberia’s latest statement carries the outcome of Friday’s mass meeting of journalists held on the safety and deportment of media professionals during the 2017 Elections.


Let The Will Of The People Prevail

FOLLOWING MONTHS OF intensive campaign for the presidency and representative seats in Liberia, Liberians have demonstrated their power in deciding the fate of their politicians.

THOUGH THERE ARE reported irregularities which some candidates have cried fouls over with threats of legal redress, and to some extent a call for re-run of election, we must hail Liberians for the peaceful atmosphere under which the elections were held across the country on Tuesday, October 10, 2017.

WE ARE EXTREMELY grateful to individual Liberians for electing their next 73 representatives, majority of whom will be new comers at the 54th National Legislature.

AS A MATTER fact, what we observed regarding the election of members of the House of Representatives in the 2017 elections is a repeat of what transpired in 2011 and 2014 elections, when majority of the lawmakers who sought re-election were ousted thereby signaling that the power is inherent in the people and not in those who serve them.

HOWEVER, WE STILL have the biggest decision to make, judging by the results so far  being released  for the presidency which no one presidential candidate has been able to secure 50 plus one percent of the total votes cast to be declared a winner.

YET, WE OWE it to our people as watchdogs in society to acknowledge that the people have spoken and their determination is that the number of presidential candidates in the race could not give any candidate an outright win for the presidency, except a run-off which is now seen irreversible.

ALREADY, JUDGING BY the results released, it is clearly shown that the opposition Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and the ruling Unity Party (UP) will go for a run-off once the National Elections Commission announces the final results and no party gets the 50 plus one percent votes of the overall votes counted across the country.

INDEED, WE POISE to witness the process as we have done throughout the months, weeks and days ago, hoping that the voices of the people will be heard and respected.

FINALLY, LET THE will of the people prevail, by allowing whosoever that is truly elected through the ballot box is given the chance to lead Liberia in fulfilling a smooth transition from one democratically elected government to another.


AFL Reaffirms Political Neutrality

The Ministry of National Defense says its attention has been drawn to the Institute for Research and Democratic Development (IREDD) press release on 5, October 2017 on Electoral Integrity and Abuse of Incumbency and published in the New Dawn Newspaper on 6 October 2017.

In a statement issued October 19, 2017, the Armed Forces of Liberia High Command categorically refuted allegation against it neutrality by IREDD.

“The Armed Forces of Liberia remains politically neutral in all electoral processes in Liberia and its personnel have at no time been involved in the construction of campaign stages for any political party,” the Ministry said..

Based on the integrity of the Armed Forces of Liberia, the Chief of Staff, Major General Daniel D. Ziankahn Jr., mandated a team of investigators comprising of the AFL Deputy Chief of Staff (DCOS), Legal Officer and the Provost Marshall Investigators (PMI) to look into the allegation. The team visited IREDD head office in Sinkor on 9 October 2017 to ascertain the facts and verified the authenticity of the allegation.

During the visit, the team met Mr. Harold M. Aidoo, Director of IREDD along with other senior members of the organization. The Director acknowledged that his organization failed to confirm the authenticity of the allegation from the leadership of the AFL before publishing it in the IREDD press release which was subsequently published in the New Dawn newspaper. In furtherance of the investigation, the team also visited Barnesville community on 11 October 2017, where they interviewed residents and petty traders around the Barnesville estate football field. The people confirmed that on September 13, 2017, they saw some men dressed in blue jeans, white T- shirt, black boots and jackets with EXSECON inscription at the back around the football field. They further informed the team that no AFL personnel were seen in the general vicinity of the football field during the entire campaign rally.

On 12 and 13 October 2017, supervisors of EXSECON, Mr. George Samukai and Mr. Prince Nimely were also interviewed. The team also established phone contacts with the supervisors of the musical and entertainment group called “DJX Production” who confirmed that they hired EXSECON to provide security coverage for the construction of the podium and their performance at the UP campaign rally at Barnesville Estate Football field on 13 September, 2017.

IREED gave the names and phone numbers of the witnesses to the team to buttress their claims on the publication; Mitchell Green, Kenedy Kolubah,  Alex Slomo , John V. Farmah  and McDonald Keh.  When contacted by the team, only three responded. Mr. McDonald Keh confirmed that he is not a resident of Barnesville and his name is Isaac Wleh and not McDonald Keh. Mitchelle Keh and John V. Farmah were not reachable after several efforts.  Alex Sumo confirmed that he did not see any person in AFL uniform on the field during the campaign rally.

The findings of the team’s report unveil that Madam Sackey, Project Manager of IREDD, is the brain behind the falsehood. She did not make any effort to confirm if the individuals providing security for the construction of the platform were AFL personnel even when the security personnel were there for 3 days from 11 – 13 September. IREDD also failed to describe the uniform worn by the security personnel.

Members of the Armed forces of Liberia were sensitized on the Code of Conduct for personnel during elections. AFL is a professional Army that supports and defends the constitution of the republic of Liberia. It is politically neutral and will remain a force for good.














NOBEL Liberia, Ecobank In Partnership For Money Transfer Service

Nobel Liberia, on  Wednesday, October 18, 2017, added on its list Ecobank as one its partnership in the Money Transfer service. Other partners of Nobel include Liberia Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI) and International Bank (IB).

This partnership with Ecobank is the newest from efforts being made by Nobel Liberia management team with several Liberian banking institutions in order to create an easy access to Liberians wanting to receive money from the United States.

The program was attended by officials of both institutions including the Managing Director of Ecobank Liberia, Mr. George Mensah Asante who expressed thanks and appreciation to the management team of Nobel Liberia for the initiative to form partnership with Ecobank in the area of ‘Money Transfer Services’.

Asante said the initiative being exhibited by Nobel Liberia to establish Money Transfer services with banking institutions within Liberia must be lauded, and also assured Nobel  of his institution’s willingness to working with them.

For his part, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Noble Liberia, Jallah Kesselly, noted with keen interest in the growth and development of the Liberian economy, and further noted that his institution, the only Money Transfer Company that sends money in Liberia, but does not send money out of Liberia, adding, “We will like to keep money in Liberia, rather than sending money out of Liberia.”

He said his Company’s remittance service is the most convenient, cheap and notably the easier way for Liberians in the United States to send money back home to their friends and relatives.

Speaking further, Mr. Kesselly said that Nobel Money Transfer Service is currently available in Michigan, Maryland, North Carolina, Minnesota, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Colorado and Philadelphia with cities and states to follow suit very soon.

On the arrangement with Ecobank Liberia and other banking institutions in the Country, the CEO of Noble Liberia lauded the management team of Ecobank Liberia considered as the Pan African Bank for its services to people of Liberia, and further lauded other banking institutions that are bringing relief to the Liberian financial sector.

Making assurances to the many customers of Noble Liberia Money Transfer Service, Mr. Kesselly said for every ten transactions that will be made by a single individual to receive Money from the US, that individual will receive a free Premium bag of Nobel US parboil rice and a T-Shirt. He said this move is Nobel Liberia way of showing love and appreciation to those utilizing their Money Transfer service. In a related development, Mr. Kesselly disclosed that Nobel Money Transfer service will be available in all UBA banks by the end of October.

Noble Liberia has over the years since its formation as a financial institution provided thousands of United States dollars to various charitable Liberian causes, for example Miss Liberia, Chicago Bright Foundation and Monrovia Football Academy to name a few.

Also present at the occasion were the Financial Comptroller of Nobel Liberia, Mr. Nim’ne Elliot Mombo, Jr., while Ecobank Liberia representatives who also witnessed the occasion included Gibson Kollie head of Consumer Banking, William Krakue; head of Remittances, Trokon Jackson; head of Clients Engagement Management and Ivy Fairley Fahnbulleh; head of marketing communication.

Customers of Nobel Money Transfer Service can also pick up their money from the Nobel Liberia head office on 11th Street, Tubman Boulevard in Sinkor, located in the Bible Society Building; working hours daily are 9am through 7pm from Monday through Friday; and on Saturday from 9am to 2pm. For more information regarding Nobel Money Transfer please call: (Liberia) 0886612037/ 07770011013 (USA) +1-886-996-363; On our Face Book page visit: www.facebook.com/nobelliberia


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Eco Bank Runs To Supreme Court

EcoBank Liberia is seeking the Supreme Court’s intervention after being found liable for over one million United States dollars.

The bank, though its lawyers, has filed an appeal with the high court, expressing dissatisfaction with the decision rendered by the Judge of the sixth Judicial Circuit Civil Law Court for Montserrado County, Boima Kontoe.

Judge Kontoe recently served a Writ of Execution on the Management of Eco Bank for an action of damage of wrong worth over US1M dollars.

He court sheriff as saying, “The Writ of Execution in the possession of this paper states thatyou are hereby commanded to seize and expose for sale the lands, goods and chattels of the Appellant/Defendants herein named of the City of Monrovia, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia and if the sum realized therefrom be not sufficient than their real property, until you shall  have raised the sum of One Million, Eighty Thousand , and twenty United states dollars (US$1,080,020.00)and Twenty Thousand, five hundred Liberian dollars. (LD$20,500.00).”

The Writ of Execution was ordered on Thursday October 19, 2017 at the Temple of Justice.

A letter in the possession of this paper, dated October 20, 2017, from the Clerk of the Supreme Court, instructs Cllr. Necular Y. Edwards (counsel for plaintiff) of the Wrights and Associates Law Firm to appear on Tuesday, October 24, 2017 at a conference with the Associate Justice presiding in chamber, Justice Kabineh M. Ja’neh in connection with the petition filed against his client (Austen Clarke).

The contending issue for the justice in chamber is to determine whether the Bill of Exception was not filed on time and whether the law cited by Judge Kontoe is applicable in this case, because the counsel representing the bank’s interest earlier argued that the ten days as required by statute for the filing of a Bill of Exceptions does not apply to this case because the case was a jury trial and not a bench trial.

It can be recalled that, on September 14, 2017 the Civil Law court rendered final judgment of liable against defendant (Eco Bank) after hearing evidence and entertainment of argument to the court’s final judgment, the defendant (Ecobank) excepted and announced an appeal to the high court which was granted.

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Knockout Stage

By Fredrick P. W. Gaye

Predictions and analyses, judging from previous elections, based on the number of candidates, have come to past, as presidential runoff, similar to that of a knockout stage in football and other competitions, has been set in emotion in the 2017 elections.

After settling at the top of other candidates, George Manneh Weah of the opposition Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and Liberia’s vice president, Joseph Nyumah Boakai of the ruling Unity Party (UP) have been given the green light to the knockout state.

Twenty presidential candidates participated in the first round of the October 10 elections; and none of them could obtain the absolute majority votes: 50% plus a vote, as provided for by the Liberian Constitution.

As commonly said by a Liberian musician, “Friday the cellphone man”, “simple mistakes, you out,” so it is with this stage. Vote tie is very difficult and that percentage is not necessary anymore since there are two persons in the race. Whether there was higher percentage during the first round, every candidate is now starting from zero vote and that any of them who obtains a vote higher now will be the winner.

The National Elections Commission (NEC) on Thursday, October 19, 2017, announced the final results of the elections, with the exception of legislative results from Nimba County District #8 and Grand Cape Mount District #3.

According to NEC’s chairman Cllr. Jerome Korkoya, out of the 2,183,629 registered voters, 1,641,944, constituting 75.2%, voted, with 1,553,348 valid and 88,574 invalid.

Announcing the presidential results, Korkoya said Weah accumulated 596,037 votes constituting 38.4% while Boakai accumulated 446,716 accounting for 28.8%.

The two candidates were followed by Charles Brumskine of the Liberty Party (LP) with 9.6%; Prince Y. Johnson of the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction (MDR) with (8.2%) and Alexander Cummings of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) with (7.2%.

Korkoya then declared a runoff between Weah and Boakai, to be held on Tuesday, November 7, 2017. He also declared campaign immediately and reiterated calls for the two candidates and their supporters to observe elections and campaign regulations. He said campaign activities end by 11:59PM on Sunday, November 5, 2017.

With campaign now opened, CDC strategists and technocrats are of the high conviction of clinching state power. According to them, Liberians are tired with the current regime, blaming the UP-led government of not doing much to improve the country and its people. They are pushing for what they refer to as generational change. They also accuse the UP government of massive corruption without any efforts to fight this alleged menace.

Countering, UP officials are confident of winning in the runoff. They have vowed to correct their mistakes during the first round which made the party to lag behind the CDC with votes. The governing party’s operatives say they are going to campaign vigorously to maintain the number of votes obtained from the first round, capture the remaining votes accumulated by other political parties and even change the minds of some CDC’s supporters and sympathizers. They are making reference to the 2005 and 2011 elections where the UP won CDC in runoffs. They further noted that a Weah leadership is not an alternative for Liberia.

However, the big question is how possible will their respective vows be. CDC, UP and some other political parties had assured a one-round win during the first round of elections.

As analysts and others who have been following Liberia’s elections in recent years had predicted, a one-round victory did not come to past.

Be as it may, all eyes watching and the political dilly-dallies, speculations, vows and other forms of campaign promises will come to an end on November 7, 2017.


EcoBank In Over US$1M Trouble

By: Yassah J. Wright

The Civil Law Courthas issued a writ of execution on the Management of Eco Bank for an action of damage of wrong by a complainant.

The writ of execution in the possession of this paper quotes Judge Boima Kontoe as saying on Thursday, October 19, 2017, “You are hereby commanded to seize and expose for sale the lands, goods and chattels of the Appellant/Defendants herein named of the City of Monrovia, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia and if the sum realized therefrom be not sufficient, then their real property, until you shall  have raised the sum of One Million, Eighty Thousand , and twenty United states dollars (US$1,080,020.00)and Twenty Thousand, five hundred Liberian dollars. (LD$20,500.00).”

The Writ of Execution further stated that, “In addition thereto seizure and sale; and if you cannot find said lands, goods and chattel of said defendants, you are hereby commanded to arrest the living body (ies) and bring them before any judge of competent jurisdiction to be dealt with according to law; unless they will pay the said sum(s) of money (ies) or show property to you to seize and sell for same.”

It can be recalled that the action of damages for wrong out of which this motion to dismiss appeal grew was assigned for trial on July 14, after a motion for new trial was granted by late colleague his Honor Johannes Z. Zlahn who presided over a jury trial of the case at first.

Accordingly, on September 14, 2017 the Civil Law court rendered final judgment of liable against defendant (Eco Bank) after hearing evidence and entertaining argument to the court’s final judgment, the defendant accepted and announced an appeal to the high court which was granted.

Subsequently, the defendant filed a motion for new trial on September 18, 2017. The motion was countered by counsel for plaintiff (Austen D. Clarke) who filed a motion to dismiss the appeal on September 26, 2017.

According to the court document, Cllr. Necluar Edward appeared for Austin D. Clarke (plaintiff) while counsel for Eco Bank Cllr. Albert S. Sim appeared for respondent defendant but after five minutes of the call of the motion for the hearing, Cllr. Sims filed a letter of excuse stating that all lawyers of the Sherman and Sherman are requested to meet at the Sherman and Sherman’s law firm.

The judge finally ruled stating that, “wherefore and in view of the foregoing, the appeal announced by Respondent/Appellant on September 14, 2107 at the rendition of this court’s final judgment, out of which this motion to dismiss grows is hereby granted and defendant/appellant’s appeal announced on September 14, 2107 without filing a Bill of Exceptions up to and including today’s date is hereby dismissed And hereby so ordered”.

Man Allegedly Cuts Off Brother’s Ear

By: Yassah J. Wright

Judge Kennedy Peabody

The Monrovia City Court has detained a 26-yr old man, identified as George Diggs,for allegedly cutting off an ear of his brother, Anthony Kollie.

According to a police charge sheet in the possession of this paper, on October 9, 2017, defendant George Diggs of Montserrado County was arrested informed of his constitutional right, investigated and charged with Aggravated Assault from a complaint filed against him by the victim.

The charge sheet averred that, on October 7, 2017, he (Kollie) was on 3rdStreet in Sinkor siting at his neighbor’s house when he saw defendant Diggs coming and he (Kollie) said, “While brown boy is coming sad?”

Predicated upon that, Diggs got irritated and begin to allegedly abuse Kollie, thus resulting into a fist fight.

Kollie alleged that, while he was standing aside thinking about not fighting, defendant Diggs came from behind him and bit his ear off causing him to bleed profusely and was immediately rushed to the John F. Kennedy (JFK) for medical attention.

The police charge alleged that Defendant Diggsadmitted to the allegation. He further said that, October 7, 2017, he was given the amount of L$500 by an old man for safe keeping but later noticed the money was missing.

Diggs said thinking about how to repay the money, his brother (Kollie) saw him and allegedly provoked him to anger, thereby resulting into a fist fight between them.

UL Lecturer Lauds Students’ Donation Scene of the donation

A lecturer at the University of Liberia has said Liberia cannot be developed in absentia to student self-help initiatives.

Mr. Albert Lloyd, a Mass Communication Lecturer at UL, said students giving back to their respective communities and institutions what they have learned is cardinal to the transformation of Liberia.

Lloyd made the remarks Thursday on the Fendell Campus of the University of Liberia, when three students of the Communication Department donated assorted items to the department.The students, all of whom are practicing journalists, include Martin Blayon, Irene Deline Horton of Radio Maria and Cyrus Harmon of FARBRIC Radio.

The donation is the first from the students to the Mass Communication Department in recent years.

Receiving the gesture, Lloyd called on other students of the University to emulate the example of the three Communication students.

Lloyd said the department was grateful for the donation, noting that it comes at the time when the department was in need of the items.

“Thanks to you guys so much, these are things we have been talking about development in your own community,” Lloyd added.

According to him, they are all looking for ways to improve this department and students’ gesture will go a long way .

Making remarks, the Head of the Group,Student Martin Blayon, called on the students to work together to make the Communication Department vibrant.

“If we want to move our country forward, we all need to work together collectively,” said Student Blayon,  quoting from Abraham Lincoln that “It is not what our Country can do for us but what we can do for our Country”. He said this should be applied at the Mass Communication Department.

Blayon stressed that over the years the Communication Department has impacted students and it was now time for students to give back.

For her part, Radio Maria’s Irene Deline Horton urged students to be wise as the department moves towards elections.

She pointed out that, for too long, the department has suffered from inexperienced leaders and as such it was time for the students to look forward for experienced people.

Also making remarks, FARBRIC Radio Cyrus Harmon stressed the need for students to change the paradigm of advocacy on campus by giving back rather than only demanding authorities to give to students.

We want to be students of help to our community and institution, Harmon added.

Members of the Mass Communication Student Association (MACOMSA)at the University of Liberia are expected to go to the polls to elect new leaders this semester.Martin Blayon, Irene Deline Horton and Nemenlah Cyrus Harmon have all expressed interest in the process as President, Vice President and Secretary General respectively.

The three students have come together under one umbrella for the transformation of the department.

The group of three has said this is the first of series of donations to be made to the department.

Observers believe that electing such people to spearhead the MACOMSA the Mass Communication Student Association could be a big boost for the MACOMSA representation at all levels including national.




Pres. Sirleaf Decries Electoral Violence

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has decried electoral violence as counter-productive to the peace a stability of the nation.

According to an Executive mansion release issued Thursday, October 19, 2017, the government’s attention was been drawn to displays on social media of extremely inimical posts to the survival of Liberia’s peace and democracy.

The Liberian leader condemned in the strongest possible term the abuse and misuse of social media through the use of invective, hate speeches and outright vulgarities, which seek to denigrate adversaries with whom others supposedly might hold disagreement.

President Sirleaf said: “In light of the progress we have collectively made, I call on our fellow citizens to remain civil, responsible and continue to be tolerant of diverging opinions and views that might not necessarily be favorable to ours.”

The release noted: “Resorting to profanities on social media contributes nothing to the national discourse, but only serves to taint our national and international image and  expressed government’s indignation to this unacceptable way of politicking and seek to continue the decent democratic values that have brought us this far as a nation and people.”

She said as Liberians pat themselves on the back for peacefully voting in the October 10 polls, all must continue to demonstrate our love for country by and through our actions.

“Our greatest task must focus on how we consolidate the democratic gains made over the last 12 years, by voting peacefully and nationalistically, respecting the law and keeping the peace for the greater good of our country,” she challenged all her compatriots.

Meanwhile, President Sirleaf has prayed God’s continued blessing upon our nation.