American Islamic Cleric Converts 22 Persons

By Mafanta Kromah

A visiting American Islamic Scholar, Sheikh Khalid Yasin, has converted 22 persons to Islam. The 12 males and 10 females willingly accepted the Islamic faith Sunday, October 22, 2017, after hear powerful messages from Yasin at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium (ATS) in Monrovia.

In his message, Yasin exhorted both Muslims and Christians to stand together to protect their families, communities and their society Liberia and to let go vices and differences, stressing that Liberia is greater than vices and differences.

The American Islamic Cleric spoke of the importance for Muslims not to, in any way, forget the teaching of the Messengers: Prophet Mohammed, Jesus and all other prophets (Peace and blessing of Allah be upon them) that came on mission for God. Yasin was quick to remind that they all spoke about scriptures and Liberia needs to live by the scriptures.

“Islam is a religion of peace but the media opportunists have used their airwaves to misinterpret the religion,” the Islamic Cleric claimed. “This has led to the misconception of many about the religion, Islam.”

The born Christian turned Muslim Scholar encouraged Muslims and Christians to join together in heart, minds and hands to protect Liberia and should not allow the lower elements to destroy the prosperity of Liberia, “We ask the Almighty God to bless your land and its leaders and all other citizens to greatness.”

He noted that Muslims and Christians need to compete in behavior, in the investment of resources and compete with their faith to make Liberia one of the best and most beautiful and prosperous countries in Africa.

“It is not my job to defend Islam from those uneducated ones that are carrying misinterpretation about the religion, because a clean water in a clean glass does not need to be defended because the water can defend itself,” he noted.

He continued,”If you take a clouded, colorful and mixture of water in a glass near a clean and pure water of glass, the pure water of glass does not need to defend itself at all.” He said that is to say the Quran is clean and Islam is pure so it does not need to be defended by anyone, noting that Muslims and those that accept Islam also need to be pure.

Yasin emphasized that the “law enforcers cannot expect to be respected if they themselves are acting like the criminals, your government that are leading this country cannot expect to be respected if they are destroying the resources of your country and Muslims should not expect themselves to be respected if they themselves are misrepresenting the Quran and the teaching of the Prophet Mohammed (Pbbuh).

He said Muslims are not example of Islam but are humans, noting that true Muslims and Christians need not to defend Mohammed and Jesus (Pbbuh). “You all need to be grateful and respect the constitution of your country, if you want your country to be dignify, you need to lead your country with an example,” he narrated.

At the same time, Yasin maintained that the youth should go to school and get education. He encouraged the youth to get a life plan or someone else may plan for them.

He said Africans live in Africa but the key is in another people hands, indicating that if Africans want God to help, they need to change their minds and behavior so that Allah will help them ‘get the key of Africa back’.

“With education and dignity, we can get the Africa we all want. Thirty percent of the natural resources in the world is from Africa but the people of Africa are not concentrating or committed to handling the key of Africa,”

He cautioned Muslims to extend their hands to the Christians because they both deal with scriptures and Liberia and its people need to lead by the scriptures.

Sheikh Khalid Yasin, also known Abu Mohammed, is a born Christian converted to Islam. He has converted many to the Islamic religion and has traveled to many countries including Liberia to spread the faith.