As NEC Announces Provincial Results: CDC, UP Battle Presidency


By T. Michael Johnny 0886571899/0775820581

The National Elections Commission (NEC) has released its preliminary results of the October 10, 2017, presidential and legislative elections tallying 15% of the total results throughout the country with the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) leading the chart with 42.66% and the Unity Party (UP) snatching 25.88% of the votes.

NEC Chairman Jerome Korkoya announced that the provisional results released represents 15% of the total population of valid votes cast and that additional result will be announced in subsequent days until October 25, 2017.

The provincial tally shows that in Bomi County, the CDC obtained 44.4% of votes, while UP snatched 33.1%. In Bong County, the CDC received 39.4% and UP 24%, while in Gbarpolu County the CDC also obtained 41.6% and UP 37.4% as in Grand Bassa County the Liberty Party (LP) received 48.4%, CDC with 32.5% and 8.3% for UP.

In Grand Cape Mount County, the CDC received 46.4% and 37.5% for the UP, while in Grand Gedeh, the CDC got 76% and the UP 12.07% and in Grand Kru County, the CDC receives 58%, the UP 10.8%, while the LP received 9.2% respectively.

In Lofa County, the UP received 78.1% of the votes, the LP with 8.8% and the CDC with 5.87%, while in Margibi County, the CDC got 47.8%, the UP with 34.6%, Alternative National Congress (ANC) 7.2% and the LP with 6.8%.

In Maryland County, the CDC obtained that 26.2%, ANC 31.5, UP-15.0%, while the CDC in vote rich Montserrado County received 76%, UP 26.6%, ANC 9.6% and the LP 7.2% and in Nimba County, the Movement for Democratic Reconstruction (MDR) of Senator Prince Johnson topped with 52.6% while the UP obtained 18.17% of the votes.

In River Gee, the CDC snatched 60.7%, while the UP got 15.9%, while in Rivercess County, the LP obtained 37.3%, CDC with 36.1% and the UP with 13.7% respectively and in Sinoe County, the CDC received 69.3% and the UP with 13.17% of the results.

The NEC in a statement said it is important to point out that results published by the Commission are only provincial results and that all other organizations should refrain from announcing anything other than the official results released.

“Candidates and political parties should also be patient and await the official results and not rush to premature conclusions.

The NEC said it is committed to the timely release of the results, but cannot be done at the expense of accuracy, pleading that reports results that are not verified by the commission should not be reported because it has the propensity to ferment problems.