‘Expeller’ Expelled -At Liberia Movie Union

With barely a week after it was reported that the Liberia Movie Union (LIMU) has expelled its President Martha E. Akorsah, for allegedly violating the union’s constitution, the organization has instead, with immediate effect, expelled its Vice President Henry D. Johnson.

According to the letter of expulsion which was signed by two-third (71) members of the Union at a mass meeting Sunday, February 4, 2018, LIMU said the decision to oust VP Johnson was taken as a result of his numerous strives to unseat Union President Akorsah.

Accordingly, the decision or power to expel any of its members for gross insubordination or for violating the union’s constitution rests in the hands of the general membership of the Liberia Movie Union.

The resolution  further noted that Mr. Johnson’s expulsion was driven by his greed for power; something it said has ruined and tarnished the hard earned reputation of the institution President, thus bringing her (Akorsah) to complete public ridicule.

“By the directive of the president, officials, stakeholders, directors, producers, actors and members of the Liberia Movie Union, you are hereby expelled as Vice President of the institution with immediate effect,” the letter noted.

The resolution continued: “It is against this background that you, Mr. Henry D. Johnson, is no longer a member of this noble institution and is hereby advised to abstain from all ongoing functions and activities of this institution.”

The resolution further indicated that failure on Mr. Johnson’s part to default the organization in whatever form and manner, a stringent action will be taken against him by the institution.

Meanwhile, the leadership and members of the Liberia Movie Union have once again reassured the general public and its many development partners that Madam Martha E. Akorsah remains the legitimate President of the union until elections are held later this month to find her successor.

Artus Frank, Musa Massaquoi, Kortu Momoh, among other movie stars who spoke in separate remarks at the meeting, told the gathering that the form and manner in which Mr. Johnson preceded with the expulsion of the institution’s president was in total violation of the laws that govern the union.

They commended Madam Akorsah for the level of leadership that she provided the union over the years, noting that she did not fail  LIMU as she only did what was necessary to move the institution forward.

“Why will you want to expel a president whose tenure has already expired? It does not make any sense to us. If you do that you are only taking the union from hero to zero and that is not where we want to see this organization right now. Let us try to build on the gains that Madam Akorsah has made in order for us to move this noble institution forward,” they said.

They acknowledged  that LIMU had lots of opportunities but all of them one way or the other missed those opportunities due to what they termed as the continuous internal wrangling among officials of the institution, something they said made the leadership failed to live up to the expectations of its members.

Meanwhile, members of the union have agreed to take its expelled VP Johnson to court for what they described as bringing the hard earned reputation of the organization to public disrepute.