Natives Vs Natives: Who’s Spotless To Lead Liberia?


By:  Lewis K. Glay 0886469835/

The debate about ‘Congo-Native’ politics used as campaign weapon before and during activities marking the conduct of the October 10, 2017 presidential and representative elections now seems immaterial as presidential candidates in the runoff election slated for November 7, 2017 are all natives.

The names Joseph Boakai and George Weah are all native- oriented; they are presidential candidates of the ruling Unity Party and Coalition for Democratic Change, now poised to contest the runoff.

However, the debate among Liberians at present is the spotless character with astute leadership ability to be entrusted with state power, amidst mounting uncertainties about where Liberia is leading after Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s  12 years of civil authority.

Campaign messages from both the CDC and UP, through  their propagandists and supporters claim negatives against  each other, while at the same time portraying  good images, persuading the voting populace about the next political dispensation to come, if either party is elected.

As time slips away for the runoff and campaign reawakens cross-cutting arguments as to who is spotless to lead Liberia, it seems critically less easy for Liberians to select one of the two candidates unanimously because defense postures from supporters of both candidates  are turning the electorate into waiting spectators until polling day reaches.

There has been a clashing point between the two groups of loyalists belonging to CDC and UP.  For instance, those supporting the CDC claim that Vice President Boakai does not need to be elected because he has been part of the 12 years of rule, which they allege has failed the Liberian people; hence it is time to change the leadership by bringing on board a new breed of state actors who should include the younger generation to lead the country.  Weah’s supporters also see most of the Liberians behind VP Boakai as people who have amassed wealth during the two terms of the UP and still want to add up their riches while the country retrogresses.

However, supporters of Vice President Boakai see Senator Weah as being inept to be elected president of Liberia to ensure growth and development for a success story to be told of the post-conflict country. The UP supporters also claim that electing Weah will derail peace and stability in the country because in their argument, they see people who have worked in the UP-led government with tainted characters, as well as those from the Charles Taylor’s regime lining up behind Weah to run a CDC-led government.

In any case, the 2017 runoff is likely to be tough as Liberia is seen as heading for another record- breaking moment; either to elect a football legend as president or elect a sitting vice president whose boss  is constitutionally relinquishing power through a smooth transition;