Weah? The Spillover

By : Lewis K. Glay 0886469835/

The Coalition for Democratic Change-led government yet to be formed is seemingly taking over a nation with bled coffers, as there are indications that less than one million dollars has been reported my media outlets to be what President-elect George Weah will begin his administration with.
Undeniably, a transfer of power from a democratically elected government to another democratically elected government, seasoned economists and state actors have indicated, cannot take effect in isolation of unsettled businesses of the departing regime.
As one analyst pointed out, ‘ government is continuity’ and the undone deals of the Unity Party-led administration will definitely be shouldered by the CDC-led administration, an inescapable responsibility which the analyst noted, normally brings pressure to bear on the incoming government.
At the moment, a comparison is being made in many quarters between the Gyude Bryany-led National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL) which served for a little over two years and left about 80 million United States Dollars in the coffers, and the Unity Party-led government which commandeered international respect and support, but is reportedly leaving 500,000 into the national coffers, after twelve years of power.
President-elect Weah will preside over a lot of thorny national issues, including the already ratified but questionable concession agreements which are mostly likely to be meticulously reviewed by the new government to possibly right the wrongs for a fresh start of healthy investment climate in a country that is experiencing a crumbling economy.
The incoming President will inevitably capture Liberia’s domestic and foreign debt burdens; begin to closely monitor how technocrats will set the agenda to pay the debts the last regime incurred, while at the same time, attempting to fulfill promises made during the campaign period.
Already, critics at grass root level have begun echoing ‘CDC has won but we are not seeing anything presently.’ However, foot soldiers of the new regime would react: ‘We have not taken over and the problems we are facing are inherited from the outgoing administration.’
The new regime has a huge and zealous youth-driven base and ‘unprepared’ but committed supporters and loyalists who are opting for jobs and managing their high expectations seems very critical, while those with expertise are lining up with their credentials for the job market.
At the same time, pages of local dailies are capturing the expert comments and recommendations of political scientists and professionals who classified Weah as a “dummy” who could not in any way to elected to the presidency, setting the stage as to how to run the country. Meantime, inaugural fever is said to be intensifying and for elaborate media coverage, there is reportedly an emerging tussle over who should spearhead the process of attending to media practitioners during the exercise. Notwithstanding, constitutionally, the outgoing government is expected to lead the way and usher in the new government;