The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Monrovia Oil Trading Corporation (MOTC), Charles Carron, has clarified that his institution never accused the former Managing Director of Ducor Petroleum, Amos Brosius, of stealing; rather, he (Brosius) was accused for allegedly diverting petroleum product to an unknown destination and MOTC never received payment for the sale of the disputed product.

Mr. Charles Carron made the clarification Tuesday, when he served as the prosecution’s sixth witness in the ongoing US$1 million Economic Sabotage case involving the former Managing Director of Ducor Petroleum and the Monrovia Oil Trading Corporation at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia.

“I never accused Mr. Brosius for stealing, but for the diversion of petroleum products intended for MOTC to an unknown destination and MOTC not receiving money”.

When quizzed by Judge Gbeneweleh whether there was any written agreement between MOTC and Ducor where it expressively stated that MOTC could not interfere with customers of Ducor, Carron responded in the affirmative that there is a memorandum which stipulates that MOTC should not interfere with the customers of Ducor.

Asked if there is any written agreement that the sale of product should be paid to MOTC from LAC, he told the Judge that he and Amos decided that the money should be paid to MOTC.

Carron in his testimony could not state exactly how the money was paid, but maintained that the money was directly paid to MOTC account.

However, during the hearing second witness, Raju Kanju (the accountant for MOTC), testified that Mr. Brosius only owns a 10% share in the company, but could not say how much was financed by MOTC; testifying earlier, Brosius said that he cannot recall the exact figure as well.

Carron, however, told the court that although he does not know the exact amount owed to the management of MOTC, he estimated it at US$5,000,000.

It can be recalled that the defendant, Brosious, was indicted by the grand jury for the alleged crime of Theft of Property and Economic Sabotage.