Several have argued that love can not exist without money. Others have argued that love is heavenly and higher in degree than the other. It’s interesting to see these two cursed or blessed words (depending on ones perception) mentioned in the same context. Come to think of it though, they may be interdependent. We are not too sure if one can be separated from the other. Our forbearers before us were not able to do so; it would be interesting to see if we can, especially in this day and age when there is greater demand for both. Ok, here we go "Money or Love which is important?"


HE SAYS: Some have argued that love surpasses all things – aah, I have said it; that love surpasses all things, it’s Biblical – Love surpasses all. But, others maintained that money is the greater of the two. While this may be true about love and money, we have to face the realities of today and accept that in most cases, both must coexist for easy sailing.

SHE SAYS: Definitely so. Yet the question per its topic is a bit difficult to answer. But with a strong sense of reasoning, one may rationalize which is of relevance where these two are concern. Foremost, let me define the words money and love in my womanly manner so as to set the proper pace for dialoguing and arguing. Money: by its definition is a medium of exchange and Love: is adulation, affection, fondness, devotion, a meaningful relation, etc. With these two distant definitions, it is obvious that both are important in the lives of humankind. Still in the absence of one, which is love, our lives as human beings are meaningless, feeble, lonely and sad? And in the absence of the medium of exchange, which is money, we as humans can not enhance our love or loved ones.


HE SAYS: Very well said, my friend, but in it all, and as important as money maybe in our daily lives, love overrides all else. I come from a very humble beginning where the presence of money was lacking most of the time. We survived on love, the affections of our parents, the fondness we had for each other and our devotions to staying together as a family unit. However, beyond that bond, I have come to realize that in sexual or platonic relationships, money plays vital roles in sustaining its longevity. Without money, many, if not all relationships would fall apart, for money is the engine or lifeline for its maintenance. It becomes more complicated if you live in a city like Monrovia where money speaks and those with abundance of it will flaunt it in your face without considerations.


SHE SAYS: What an oration, well spoken. Yet, the importance of these two is totally relative, especially in the context of their usage. Money makes us happy, there’s no doubt. It serves the purpose of livelihood for every family in and around the world. It also serves the purpose as we go about our daily duties. Still it is impossible per your narration as quoted, love kept you as family in oneness. I strongly believed it was based on conditionality for which you maintain the stronghold of your family and not necessarily the love you had for each other. It was because of prestige, esteem, integrity and pride for which your family hid from the world at large the problems you might have been undergoing. You pretentiously held onto love to replace the medium of exchange – money. But never the less, be it right or wrong, achievable or not, whatever your justifications might have been, whether accomplished at the time, the bottom line remains the same; money is greater than love because love can be found at anytime, any place, anywhere.


HE SAYS: Martha, Sis. Martha, My friend Martha, you have said another one in the line of your many, many lines . . . I am glad Mr. and Mrs. Akorsah wouldn’t be reading this, They would quarter you or send you to your room. Anyway, if you are serious about this, let me tell you this; love connects, money divides; love builds, money destroys; love binds together, money tears apart; love is prudent, money is arrogant; love conquers all, money separates all; love respects all, money influences but respects no one; love sees, feels and is emphatic, money is selfish, blind, controlling and conceited; love is holy, money is hellish; and love is "us" and money is "me". My family remains the same, loving and devoted to each other. We still don’t have money surplus enough to tear us apart. Like any family unit, we have several differences, even more then than now, but love have seen us through it all and we are certain that by the help of God and his everlasting LOVE, we will be there for each other in thick or thin, always. Something I would urge you to begin practicing with your young family.


SHE SAYS: With all those synonyms used, I am still grateful for the fact that there exists free speech as well as free press. I agree 100 percent that money influences as well as destroys; hence, it can not be the absence of life if we must survive. As you partially stated that money is this and that, yet still, you can not divorce your thought from the fact that money is life to sum it all. There’s nothing that can be done without the existence of this medium. Whether in the past present or future, money has to circulate so that we can relate, be tolerated, communicate, socialized and finally coexist


HE SAYS: No denying that money plays vital role in our daily lives, no matter how tightly knitted a family is. But when you place love above all, the pieces usually fall in place and solutions found. I was not here during the war years, but I have heard of stories of extremely rich people going through hell and on the other hand, people with nothing but the love of their families and friends fending for each other and making it. It is also said that love and empathy kept people together better than money. Money is a medium and love is the end point. In retrospect, money will facilitate while love delivers.


SHE SAYS: All the same, love, which is a natural gift from God, has lost its value to mortal men because it has been abused, mistaken and misused. With its Biblical definition of being patient, kind and without envy, yet many people still misconstrue its Biblical principle and Godly definitions for worldly purposes. Additionally, the Bible clearly states that love suffers long and is kind, that it does not exult itself and is not puffed up. With these little tips about love, one can sensibly see that these are not applicable to the behaviors of mortal man. Relationships differ from time to time only because love does not suffer long and is not kind. Because it exhausts itself and degenerates to pride and selfishness; how then can love be more important than money?


HE SAYS: You are coming home to roost, my friend. Love is supernatural and beyond our comprehensions. Love is at times weird and lacks any meaningful understanding. Love is that feeling that you just don’t understand but feel when it comes over you. Love is religious, Love is Biblical and Love is Quaranic. To me, there’s no comparison between the two. I must admit though, that because of who we are, just as you rightfully said, mortal man, we may place higher value on money than love. But take this for free – no one is buried with money, but people the world over are buried with love. In fact, some Pharaohs were buried with their loved ones, now this is what I call love.


SHE SAYS: To wrap up this topic, I believe that it is fair enough for us to incorporate these two, love and money into our lives if we are to fulfill the things we so desired. We should also remember that as much as we have perceived that love is important we must allow our hearts and bodies to live feel and think the way God would want us. We should not mistake our worldly infatuations, mere admirations, beautiful appearances, well spoken languages, fragrances, sexualities, as well as immoralities to be the actual love in which the Bible speaks about. Lastly, love being love is just love, an abstract feeling that is felt from deep within that can not be explained and controlled.


HE SAYS: Thanks for realizing and agreeing that love is above all. In as much as money is powerful and influential, its powers are limited. Many rich folks have come and gone; many people have sought and earned millions only to come back to seeking love. Money does not complete the person, it lacks that totality we seek in life, it’s only a medium, but love does that, it completes our process; it brings that satisfaction and endures to the end. Here’s what the New Testament said about love in 1st Corinthians 13:3-8; "And if I give all my goods to the poor, and if I give my body to be burned, and do not have love, it profits me nothing. Love suffers long and is kind. Love does not envy. Love does not exalt itself, is not puffed up, does not behave unbecomingly, does not seek its own, it’s not easily provoked, thinks no evil, does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth, bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will be abolished. Where there are languages, they will seize. Where there is knowledge, it will vanish away."


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