Min. SaytumahThe Minister of State for Economic and Legal Affairs, Morris Saytumah is under investigation along with all members of the Presidential Committee in connection to allegation of monetary extortion from LPRC Managing Director Harry Greaves. The Presidential Technical Committee, headed by former Chief Justice Henry Reeves Cooper, had been constituted to investigate controversies over the LPRC-ZAKHEM agreement.


Presidential Press Secretary, Cyrus Badio confirmed that Minister Morris Saytumah is undergoing investigation along with all members of the committee. However, the Presidential Press Secretary noted that Minister Saytumah still maintains his post pending reports of the investigation, which he said would be released shortly.


Minister Saytumah is an integral part of the committee and all legal and economic matters that are presidential in scope and nature, considering he is the immediate economic and legal advisor to the President. He has been instrumental in several concession agreements, including Firestone and Arcelor/Mittal.


Meanwhile, his immediate and only deputy, Mr. Aloysious Jappah, who was alleged to have demanded US$300,000 from LPRC Managing Director Harry Greaves as inducement for the investigation committee to compromise the agreement in favor of LPRC, upon his (Saytumah’s) order was yesterday given a never to return by the President when she went looking for Minister Saytumah on the 5th Floor of the Foreign Ministry building.


According to sources, Minister Saytumah was scheduled to have met the President earlier in the day, but failed to do so. Surprisingly, the source said, the President went down stairs to look for her trusted aide to no avail. Still in search of him, she entered his deputy’s office, relieved him of his post, told to leave the premises and never to return. The office has since been cordoned by security officers. We received reports that Minister Saytumah was later spotted in his office and was undergoing security interrogation. There has been no information about where he had earlier gone when the President was expecting him.


Minister Saytumah is considered by critics as the melting down of his office as it brings the Presidency into public disrepute considering that he has been implicated in several other scandalous activities including his alleged involvement in a US140, 000.00, the Knucklegate Affairs and most recently a scam involving funds supposedly provided to an editor of a local media outlet for medical reasons.