From all that Fatima had observed, things were not quite the same since the day they walked out of that inaugural hall. She was suspicious of Gary, suspicious that he was involved in another relationship, and frightened of being put to competition, of being made a public ridicule. She was still not satisfied with the look he gave the woman at the podium. Yet, Fatima was grateful the ceremony had finally ended.

All the same, she was worried because the constant fear and continuous nightmare was driving him crazy. He needed a psychiatrist, or anyone who could counsel him least he went out of control. However, this was not to be until Fatima could quilt observing his movements, would he pick the chance of seeing a shrink.


Fatima had become restless and timid about almost everything since the day she noticed his admiration for Lucy. Moreover, every attempt to touch her at night would make her burst into uncontrollable sobs. He did not understand why she was behaving the way she was. Yet, a logical guess had signaled that she had become jealous of his position and envious over the fact that there would soon be other women. Gary remembered vividly the way Fatima stared at him when he almost snatched the hands of Lucy. But as Luck could have it, Lucy unnoticeably walked away without anyone knowing. However, all other attempts to get closer to her seem impossible because she was a close escort of the president. From all indications, anyone could tell that the president had grown fond of Lucy. He could not help but kept his eyes on her every now and then.


Yet, it was important he saw her, to say something at least to reconcile the past, to make an amendment for the lost he had caused her. But it was too late because for every time he attempted, there stood his rival; Gary. But like the saying goes, "the race is not to the swift, but he that endured to the end," give Gary a newer sense of direction. He was going to engage Lucy, by either on sight confrontation, or by sneaking into her home to end his illusion. Besides, he could even arrange a meeting, a secret and suitable meeting to end his nightmare. Still yet, his only regrets were that Fatima had not understood him. Notwithstanding, did he tell Fatima in the first place that he was a married? Of course not. Besides, exposing his past life was the very least he could think of. In addition, even if Gary had revealed his past, Fatima would have not consented to his propositions. Therefore, concealing his marital status was the best option for maintaining his relationship with her.


For the past nights, he had dreamt of nothing other than Fatima’s lovely body, the sensation it was causing him, and the passion that burned from within whenever he saw her nude. He wanted her desperately, needed her to quench his sexual desire but she was refusing, denying his touch, his kisses and his ego. Yet, he had sworn upon his dead child that tonight things would be different. Either Fatima agreed to his lovemaking or he would reawake his barbaric nature by tearing and raping her body apart.


He was not going to pamper her neither was he going to tell her who Lucy was. After all, there were other men in her life before he came to be. Besides, did she not notice the Minister of Education’s stare at the inauguration? Did she not know that there would be other women apart from her? On the other hand, did she not know that any woman, even with the most defined beauty could not intimidate him? Could she not retrospect how he first got her? Or did she think he was too stupid a man to have forgotten? Had she forgotten how he almost caught her when she attempted breaking through his save? Was Fatima not only there for his money? How could she then be jealous when her intentions were dubious? Anyway, he would show her what his ego was made of; show Fatima that he was in control of her mind, her body as well as her soul. But right now, his major concern was to get hold of the assassin, the man who had used him below the belt and mockery of human dignity. He would show that damn mercenary where they both had come from-the jungle. Gary would mutilate his flesh and put on display the assassin’s dead body in the most rebellious manner ever known. But foremost, he needed to get back his jeep least it became an opened secret.