A newly established health consultants group, the Geomas Consultants, has urged doctors and nurses to cooperate with sick patients at various hospitals and clinics across the country.

Speaking in an interview with the In Profile Daily in Monrovia on Tuesday, the head of the group George Kratee, said since he came to Liberia, he has been noticing some level of poor relationship between medical practitioners and patients.

According to him, he has observed in recent time that in most hospitals and clinics across the Country, doctors and nurses value their mobile phones and television sets at the health centers rather than paying more attention to patients.

He noted that the poor relationship between nurses and patients are some key factors contributing to the untimely death of people who are taken to hospitals and clinics for medical attention.

Mr. Kratee is at the same time calling on the Ministry of Health to help promote a better working relationship between health workers and patients at various medical institutions in the Country.

For his part, the Assistant Director of the organization, Thomas Kollie, said that the priorities of sick patients in Liberia needs to always be addressed with serious attention.

He also stressed that medical practitioners need to use love as the motor of professionalism in their careers.

Mr. Kollie is encouraging medical practitioners to do what he called a follow-up on method as a means of showing attention to their patients after being discharged from the hospitals.

“The follow-up method is important to reduce the untimely death rates in the Country; in most cases patients die within 5-6 hours after being discharged from the hospitals or clinics,” Kollie asserted. He also told our reporter that some of the deaths are caused by mal-treatment and wrong medication.   

He disclosed that the organization is involved in the areas of revenue generation and management cost control, customer service enrichment program, and hospital and health center fuel management, using solar panel as dual system amongst others.