Prejudicially, news hit the ground that the signatures of Finance Ministry officials and President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf were forged to transfer over US$1 Million from the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) to an Ecobank account.    According to information, some individuals were apprehended in connection to the scandal while Madam Ethel Davis was suspended as Deputy Governor on grounds that she approved the transaction while acting instead of Governor Mill Jones at the time. Investigations still in limbo.  As the matter hangs with little or nothing is being heard, another claim of forgery is emerging at the Ministry of Information, Culture, and Tourism (MICAT) in the current US$300,000 scandal.  Even though state investigators have not completed interrogation into the recent US$300,000 scandal at the Information Ministry, information has been filtering that claim of forgery has shadowed the probe and some employees of that government functionary are being shelved to take the position of Jesus Christ, who was crucified for the sins of others.It is gradually leading to the vindication of big heads at the Ministry, as reports continue that charges hanging over Information Minister Laurence Bropleh may be thwarted.  This has not only sparked concerns at the Ministry of Information, many Liberians have also been expressing fears that if the matter turns another fiasco, then state coffers have not been secured despite the heavy internationally sponsored strategies for fiscal discipline in Liberia.  Views are that reports of vindicating Minister Bropleh may create the basis for many public officials to use the forgery claim as a tool to launch the 'eat and go' on the nation's resources.  Analysts described as frustrating the descending forgery claim-from the President to the Finance Ministry and now at the Ministry of Information, where reports of vindication has surfaced despite the dishing out of the money for nearly two years now.  The question that lingers on the lip of Liberians is, who consummates or approve payroll at the Ministry, if indeed forgery has taken a center stage into the current matter.