NON-CHESS PLAYERS AS we at the In Profile Daily newspaper may be, at least the playing field in which appointments are being made by the Liberian leader continues to bear discordant tones as if the right of the Executive to conduct such affairs should receive the full consensus of the public and not the Legislature at which the appointees must be cross-examined in determining their competence.
  GRANTED THE GENERATIONAL change that had greeted the newly-sworn in leadership for its second term, the argument with strong basis that individuals advocating for generational change must have had both the theoretical and practical experiences before been appointed to positions of public trust, Liberians are yet to reach the mean evolving from individuals' own views.

  MANY DECADES CARRIED away by the expression that 'youths are the future leaders of the nation,' apparently as a result of older hands but truly reservoirs are quickly phasing out and must be replaced, whether through single or double replacements, it cannot become an overnight affair especially in the wake of technological developments in which degrees can now be earned just by making use of the internet services.

  WHILST WE FULLY with our youths in their advocacy, we are equally convinced by the fact that unless they are fully prepared by accepting to do what is required as means to gradually ascending to leadership, dejected many have come to feel when jobs are provided them but soon rejected on premises of not been prestigious, where then do they expect Liberia to head in the future?

  CLASSIC EXAMPLES DRAWN from countless number of graduates from our higher institutions of learning over the years, with many still unemployed in society as a result of not been prepared to go through the process as a result of theorectical acquirements that may not necessarily hold in society, since results count a great deal even in the Western world, it becomes too foolhardy for our youths to assume leadership only to later become proven as liabilities to public or corporate institutions.

  PURELY WITHIN THE perimeters of the Civil Service Agency (CSA), many decades used as conduit in entering public service, hardly is the agency bespoken about in recent decades on premises of individuals been deeply entrenched into establishing contacts with those seen in higher echelon, something that would eventually lead to poor and not good governance.

  DISLIKED IT MAY have appeared especially following the nearly 15 years debacle in the country, with some individuals becoming employed by systems out of institutional or cultural linkages, whatever the results have been ought to by now teach each and every Liberian the way forward to substantive progress, as opposed to continuity in the practice to subject the nation to total embarrassment.

  NOW BEING UNDERSTOOD that individuals rendering selfless and sacrificial services to the nation may not have accepted positions on the basis of having studied lessons thereat to fill specific positions, such as been a cabinet minister or representative, excluding the Judiciary that must meet the pre-requisite of been a trained lawyer from a recognized institution of learning, granted that some past decades may have encouraged practices in law firms, times are however fast changing and Liberians must now learn to cope with the changing times.

  TO DO SO, however, notwithstanding how few are naturally born genius at some vocations and not magical, as evidenced by their continuing involvement into self-studies and practices that most times leave them outdoing those of the formal sector, we can only hope that the many pawns that have not striven to even dislodge the rook, knight or bishop should not continue to fumble with positions of the king and queen, or better play some checkers, ludo, snake and ladder or card games.