With barrage of allegations leveled against the Superintendent of Montserrado County, Grace Tee Kpaan by the county’s Development Superintendent, Comfort Bedell Dahn, that she ( Dahn) is unaware of.


funds paid to the firm undertaking the construction of a public library in the Borough of New Kru Town, and the construction of a town hall and toilet in West Point, the firm has sharply reacted. The Management of the Super Brother Company has described the allegation as ‘Complete falsehood.


Reacting to the claim made by Development Superintendent Dahn, the General Manager of the Super Brothers Construction Company, Incorporated, Joseph K. Sumo expressed disappointment over utterances attributed to Development Superintendent Dahn, alleging that his company is a "dubious" firm.


"We are taken aback of Madam Dahn’s allegation, when in fact checks issued us for work being done at the these sites were all signed by her, including a check of US$10,000 issued on September 15, 2011 as part payments of our work currently being done," Sumo told reporters

in Monrovia.


He said it was unfortunate for Development Superintendent Dahn to libel his company as a ‘dubious company’, when according to him, the company on the 31 August 2011 entered into an agreement with the leadership of Montserrado County, headed by its Superintendent Grace

Tee Kpaan to construct a library in the Borough of New Kru Town, and a town hall and a toilet.


According to him, the agreement put the cost of the projects at US$49,281.95, but lamented that Madam Dahn has deliberately chosen to tarnish the reputation of his company.


He lauded Superintendent Kpaan for handling the issue with maturity, as Development Superintendent Dahn continues to launch a barrage of media war. "We have worked for what is being given us duly….our company is a viable and legal entity. We cannot allow ourselves to becheated," Sumo told reporters.