Lofa County District #3 Representative, Clearance Massaquoi, has called for generational integration, noting that the old people should be the ones to nurture the young people in leadership.


Rep. Massaquoi said young people should be patient in taking over from the old generation.


He spoke during the Lofa University Student Association (LUSA) fundraising program held on the main campus of the University of Liberia (UL).


He said it is about time for the young people to see reasons and embrace generational integration because "old mat should be the example of the new mat".


According to him, the old people have the experience to pass onto the young people.


He also called for cultural values to be respected in the Liberian society. He indicated that no one can go away from cultural practices in the home.


Meanwhile, Rep. Massaquoi has urged the association to keep focus in its endeavor to achieve something for tomorrow in holding leadership.


He said he remembered during the campaign making promises to the people of Lofa county, mostly District #3, that he would be dedicated to the calls of the county any time he was called to serve his people.