It is with deep seated feelings of sadness, sorrow, regret and disappointment coupled with our individual desires to see a flourishing district (District #3 Montserrado County) where all of its citizens will live happily and meaningfully contribute to the growth and development of their district, county and country at large, that we have come to unearth key factors responsible for our district not been represented at the 53rd National Legislature up to this time.

October 11, 2011 was a day set aside by the National Elections Commission (NEC) as provided for in Article 77b and 83a of our 1986 constitution for every citizen of voting age to exercise his or her political franchise by voting the candidate(s) of their choice; elections were conducted accordingly; residents of District #3 Montserrado County joined other citizens across the country to elect their Representatives of their choice. Frustratingly for us, our rights to be represented at the 53rd National Legislature precisely at the lower House have been revoltingly violated due to the unpatriotic actions by individuals who in their deceitful minds have  believed that District #3 is their "pepper bush" and as such, when they are not elected there should be no district leadership/Representative.

Fellow citizens, before the pronouncement of final elections’ results and subsequent certification of the winners of both Legislative and presidential elections, there was a recount process instituted by NEC on ground that Mr. Bill Twehway, winner of Montserrado County District #3 elections won with less than 50 vote margins (41 votes); therefore, the 83 ballot boxes of District #3, Montserrado County were opened and a recount was conducted under the watchful eyes of Madam Kuku Y. Dorbor, Mr. David Flomo, Solo Gbaryou, other Representative aspirants of the District and local and international observers. The observers of Madam Kuku Y. Dorbor, David Flomo and Solo Gbaryou signed all of the 83 tally sheets except 2 from the Factory Community Christian Academy with justification of both ballot boxes been broken into.

On the basis of ballot boxes been broken into, Madam Y. Dorbor and her men again file in another complain of electoral fraud in the District to NEC and again a ruling was made by NEC, declaring Hon. Twehway as the legitimate winner of the election. At the end of the recount process and ruling into complain filed by Madam Dorbor and followers, Mr. Bill Twehway was pronounced winner of District #3 election and was therefore among the 73 Representatives across the country certificated by the NEC on the 26 day of January, 2012.

Despite the recount and investigation conducted by the NEC, another complain was again filed to the Supreme Court of Liberia, this time with Mr. Flomo, Madam Dorbor and Mr. Gbaryou all claiming victory in the District’s election but pray the Honorable Supreme to institute a rerun through NEC. However, the Supreme Court believed it was fair, prudent and expedient enough to send the case back to NEC, but with the following mandates: that there should be an immediate investigation conducted by the NEC; that there should be no recount and reelection etc.

My fellow compatriots, what is more troubling, madding and disturbing is, with this authorization from the Honorable Supreme Court which is the highest decision maker in our country, whose mandate should have been ahead to accordingly without delay, gives those mandates since January, 2012; we have gone three months without concluding this issue with NEC and the Supreme Court. This delay has created multiplicity of questions on the minds of peaceful citizens residing in the District without answer(s) been provided. We even wonder whether the Supreme has forgotten that it mandated NEC.

The acts of Madam Dorbor and her two colleagues clearly and unequivocally expose the extent to which they lack the nationalistic spirit, love, care and passion for the over thirty eight Thousands (38,000) residents of the District. This action also demonstrates that these individuals have placed their personal interest above District, county or national interest thereby, prefer pursuing a case for six years without regards to the status and well being of those residing in the District; thus, posterity will judge them and history will forever remember them for their unfair treatment against our people.

Inclusion let me remind you that this is the same Kuku Dorbor who won the 2005, District #6 legislative election when she then resides in chicken farm, Jacob Community, District #7 which was a gross violation of the electoral law of the Republic; which calls for an aspirant to contest in the District in which he/or she resides. Yet, those aspirants, understanding that taking Madam Dorbor to court could have created a serious setback for the people of the district, coupled with their love and passion for the district and its people, choose to abandon every lawsuit that they may have had against her and therefore gave her the opportunity to serve the six year term. You will agree with me compatriots, that even on the national setting, there were some dissatisfactions or disagreements expressed by opposition political parties, especially the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) over elections result but, again understanding that Liberia is what we all have in common, abandoned all protest actions, lawsuit etc. and joined the rebuilding process of our beloved Country. Elections always come with lot of pressure, stress and pains especially when you lost the process; there is no happy victim but, it takes the spirit of patriotism to overcome it.