More than seventy employees in different categories last Friday beamed with smiles at the Ministry of Posts & Telecommunications when the administration honored them for their invaluable services rendered the ministry and the nation at large.

Among the honorees were those hailed for earning degrees in various careers from UL, AMEZUC, AMEU and UMU.  Liberia’s Postmaster-General, Dr. Frederick Norkeh, whom the name Daniel was bestowed upon by the employees, was also gowned for his astute leadership that appears to have increased productivity at the ministry since his ascendancy during the first regime of President Sirleaf.

Seventeen of the employees were honored for graduating from universities and colleges while working at the same time.

 Deputy Postal Minister for Administration,  J. Levi  Demmah,  who  presented certificates of honor to the employees noted:  I’m always gratified to see people who have the edge to advance themselves”. Mr. Demmah said reading makes a man, and once one is read well, it enables his or her thought processes to deliver, noting, “So at this ministry I’m pleased to note that our employees still have the edge to advance themselves”.

He lauded the Human Resource Management of the ministry for organizing such program aimed at motivating employees for the roles they play in keeping Postal Affairs functional. The second batch of honorees comprised long-service employees whose tenures at the ministry range from  10-30 years and above. Those under this category, 18 in number, were honored and certificated by Acting Assistant Postal Affairs Minister for Technical Services, Joe Bando.

Mr. Bando  recounted the challenges those being honored had gone through over the years  of their services rendered the ministry and Liberian in general , stressing that honoring them was an outstanding achievement to note.  He recalled that there were times when some employees wanted to leave, yet they persevered and today they have been singled out for honor.

The third batch of honorees consisted of employees who were termed excellent performers.  Totaling 37, the excellent performers were certificated by Acting Deputy Minister for Operations, Paul M. Richards.

“ One thing that is unique about this program is what we are  not seen. If you look at the program as planned by the organizers, those who have been plucked out did not just come out of the top,” Deputy Minister Richards observed. His observation pinpointed at various segments of the ministry being touched thus indicating that every department or section has over the years been evaluated in terms of  how employees there perform individually.

“ If these honorees have been all directors, I would not have been part of it. So it comes from the grass root ; there is an essence to this. People say those little things that come; please accuse me; thank you;  those are little things that matter,” he noted. He thanked the 37 employees for being honored as excellent performers.

Full with elation, representatives of the three categories of the honorees hailed authorities of the ministry for recognizing them. They reaffirmed their commitment and dedication to keep rendering services at the ministry in the interest of the nation.

They also praised the administration of Dr. Norkeh for the level of cooperation exhibited since he assumed the ministry’s leadership during the later part of the first regime of the ruling Unity Party government.

The honorees further used the opportunity to call for increment in incentives to serve as a motivating factor while at the same time calling on their colleagues to work together void of disunity and hatred.
Meanwhile, Postmaster –General Norkeh has cautioned employees of the ministry to work hard in serving the country.

Dr. Norkeh said he was overly excited because  he did not expect what the employees has done; yet he indicated that everything he has done in life what he has expected is “ recognition”. “ This is a hallmark of everyone who wants to succeed. And I often feel very strongly that employees are the most important asset to any organization,”  Minister Norkeh said.

According to him, it is not only when an employee does wrong that the leader blows alarm, but if he or she does right it should be recognized. He acknowledged those employees who did not receive award in his words, “not in a negative way, but a true reflection  that you take a real critical  look to see where  you went wrong”.

Dr. Norkeh recalled that Liberia is today over 160 years old, but its output is very marginal because too many Liberians do not go extra miles,  or too many Liberians do not put the interest of the country above individual interests.

“ We should be thankful to Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf whose leadership has helped to change things around,”  he noted. He said Madam Sirleaf brought in individuals and with the help of international partners Liberia is on course in terms of development.

Dr. Norkeh reminded the employees that while he supports them in advancing in education, they need to also put in time at their work place to balance the equation. As a token of appreciation, Dr. Norkeh revealed that the honor bestowed on the employees will be accomplished by individual packages.