It seems that the Liberian musicians are still divided as a group under the banner “The Liberia Secular Musicians Association (LISMA) has issued a statement announcing a boycott of the upcoming Azonto independence day concert being organized by the Cellcom GSM company and the Mad Media group.

The artists, according to the statement signed by Henry Amazin Toe (Amaze) Secretary General and Tom C. Wion alias Picador, President of LISMA, say their decision to boycott the independence day concert of the Azonto crew is in protest against the continued influx of foreign artists in the country, which they observe does not improve the Liberian Musical Industry.

The group further indicates that as being practiced by secular musicians in Liberia, organizers of musical events involving foreign artists must understand that the country’s musicians need promotion and respect in regards to giving full recognition to the national culture, as they make sacrifices in order to put Liberian entertainment on the international map, making reference to soccer Legend George O. M. Weah.    

“The Liberia Secular Musicians Association “LISMA” is therefore calling on the general public to stop the support of foreign culture and focus on our own culture beginning from the AZONTO show. Please show your love and respect for the Liberian stars by staying away from the AZONTO Independence Day concerts,” the statement noted.

Members of the Liberia Secular Musicians Association “LISMA” say secular musicians who were contacted to perform at the event have been requested to refuse every offer from organizers of the AZONTO concert, warning that members violating will be subject to sanction.
It can be recalled that the Liberian musicians were divided during the 2011 general and presidential elections, with some complaining of being marginalized.