On Saturday, May 18, 2013
The day was so hot in the morning hours
After mid day, the weather sharply changed
The heavy down pour of winter rains sardined us indoors
Only our chickens and ducks were feeding out in the cold

When the rains briefly subsided to let us out
I thought of my butter beans garden by the house
The fence was down and more seeds needed sowing
I slipped on my garden clothing; picked up my tools
And went out to mend the broken fence and to sow

The late evening sun was lovely, yellow and setting
My lovely pet daughter Susan K. kept coming as I labored
A neighbor and an in-law who came to visit me
Were resting on a raphia palm frond bench under a coconut tree
Spur Slim Jestina B., my wife, was preparing the Grebo Kola

Both visitors were Grebos, Barrobos, to be exact
Traditionally, without the kola, no Grebo visitors feel welcomed
We feel most welcome eating kola with sweet spiced pepper
My pepper was not only burning; it was carefully prepared at home
A special sweetly spiced parcel sent from home-Barrobo

My two humble visiting guests were:
Son Simeon S. Gwleh and nephew-in-law William T. Johnson
My darling wife prepared, brought and humbly gave the kola
Our guests accepted, and while eating, we heartily conversed
The pepper was so sweet it sent our memories back home

The sun was dull; the rain was lightly drizzling
But not forceful enough to disturb our company
We conversed and heartily laughed our hearts out in tears
We were so touché by the warm and friendly atmosphere
We wet ourselves with not only tears, but tears of joy, yes

Then they politely took leave of me; hearty talks continued within
So touched by the warmth, I didn’t really want them to go
But just had to because the time demanded it
The day was dying out; if only we could reverse the day
Since then, I’m still feeling the warmth and their presence

We gently quit and each went his separate way
But still remain together in spirit and at heart
Before today, how I really missed such gatherings!
My mind, my soul and heart went back home to Maryland
Whereas high school kids, we happily and always mingled

My wife, super Slim Jestina, came and cleared the table
Then I gently rose, walked to my garden and began working
The drizzling rain had now turned a very cold breeze
To beat out the cold, she brought me a hot cup of coffee
I looked hard into her face and she knew I needed some bread

Hurriedly, she brought a huge piece; I did bad to it in seconds
While carefully mending the lower part of the fence
I patiently knelt to do the finishing touches better
My attention was not really drawn to what I later saw:
On my left and right, two chicks of ours were dying slowly

One was lying under the butter beans bush;
The other, on the sand hill close to the back porch steps
Both were clearly dying of cold – jerking and trembling
I was not frightened; instead, my heart went down for them
All day they were hungrily feeding in the heavy rain fall

On seeing them, I was deeply moved by passion and pity
I wondered how best I could be of help to them, if any
I stopped mending; instead, I called in my wife to see too
“That is cold,” she said, “let’s bring them in for heat”
She was still cooking and the coal pot was hot at its best

She picked up one; I also picked up the other
We carefully laid both by the coal pot; she sat by, observing
In just minutes, the cold subsided; they recovered and ran out
How very happy we were to be able and kind enough to help!
Thankfully, they were happily feeding; we were proud to help

Whether they ever realized who helped them out
Neither of us still have any idea or way of ever knowing
But since then, we notice just one thing for sure –
Wherever we sit, they always come by to happily feed
Once we wet ourselves with tears of joy seeing them so lively

That makes me think deeply of the life-saving role of doctors
So loving and caring, nurses and doctors incredibly safe lives
Even at the eleventh hour, they are so very loving and caring
By humbly reaching out to safe the critically sick
From this experience, I promise to be so humane to the needy

In like manner, I also noticed and always, admire something of the hen
It makes me to try to understand the feelings of all females whatever
Once I dropped a spoonful of rice crumbs before a hen
I habitually did it without any motive in mind
The poor chicks were a good distance off the scenes

Interestingly, the hen called the chicks in a special way
I couldn’t understand; all the chicks came running to her
Surprisingly, as the chicks fed on, she stopped feeding
Rather, she gave way to the chicks and was just watching
I never noticed that; I only thought a hen was just a hen until then

I did it to many hens several times, nothing new happened
Rather than greedily feeding, the hen will only call in
And the chicks greedily feed on, the hen stands watching
I was so stunned and said, yes; even a hen is loving and caring
Perhaps that is the only thing God made common in all females

At another time, I did the same to a tiny red ant
I threw few pieces of dried bread crumbs before a tiny red ant
Whether it was a male or female, I really knew not
I was only trying to test something with an ant too
The problem was, like mice, ants are of the same size

The tiny red ant rushed to the pieces of bread
I guess to make sure that was edible; it did not eat
I misjudge ants not to have conscience, looking at its size
But in minutes, the ants disappeared from the scene
I gave up; dropped some more pieces and went into the house

I wrote it off and delayed coming out until after a brief nap
When I returned after, say, a quarter of an hour
I saw an army of tiny red ants busily feeding
Being of the same size, I could not make up that very ant
I only knew it was probably a female who went for the rest

Mothers are really incredibly wonderful. I thought
They are the most loving and caring, if I’m right
Fathers are too, yes, but for many reasons, mothers are more
They are more loving and caring to their kids
Whether rich or poor, a mother is a mother, indeed,
Whether rich or so poor, a mother is a mother; indeed!

NOTE:    Whether rich or so poor, a mother is a mother. Helping someone out willing is an act of love and blessing. Don’t miss it, please.