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In Profile Daily is an independent newspaper published by the Parity Media Company. Parity Media and its board members as well as associates later decided to transform the paper into a general daily which appeared on the newsstand on November 10 the same year.

Since then, In Profile Daily has become one of the credible and prominent newspapers providing information, education and entertainment. With a coordinated team of administrators, qualified and seasoned editors and reporters, our readership has grown and circulation of thousands of copies to over 70% of the country and we are working to cover the entire country as road network improves. Our growing readership is also based on our coverage of all sectors in the society in urban and rural population. Our previous website readership hit over one million.

Besides, we provide jobs for journalists and other media practitioners. We also provide internship opportunities to prospective graduates of students studying Mass Communication and other media-related fields at various universities as well as other higher institutions.

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