Actor Freddie Highmore Recounts a Difficult Experience While on a Talk Show’s Set



Actor Freddie Highmore, best known for his role in The Good Doctor, recently appeared on Monday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. During his appearance, Highmore spoke about an incident that happened to him on the set of another talk show.

According to Highmore, he was accompanied by some producers who spotted the host of the show at the end of the corridor. The producers acted “terrified” and quickly ushered Highmore into a nearby door, which turned out to be a dark broom closet.

Highmore was stuck in the closet until the producers were sure that the host had passed. The incident left a lasting impression on the actor, who praised Kimmel for having a much more pleasant environment on his show compared to his past experience.

The actor did not reveal the name of the host or the show in question, but he did jokingly refer to the host as being similar to Kathie Lee Gifford. Highmore’s revelation has sparked speculation among fans, who are trying to guess which host and show he was referring to.

While the incident is certainly amusing, it raises serious questions about the culture of some talk shows. The fact that Highmore’s producers felt the need to hide him from the host suggests that there was tension or conflict between the two parties.

This is not the first time that allegations of mistreatment have been leveled against talk show hosts. Late-night talk show hosts are known for their biting commentary and irreverent humor, but sometimes that humor can cross the line into cruelty.

In recent years, several talk show hosts have been accused of creating a toxic work environment. From Ellen DeGeneres to Wendy Williams, hosts have been criticized for everything from mistreating their staff to engaging in verbal abuse.

Of course, not every talk show host is guilty of creating a hostile work environment. Some hosts are known for their warmth and kindness, and for treating their guests and staff with respect. Kimmel, for example, has a reputation for being a gracious and affable host.

Highmore’s experience is a reminder that while television can be glamorous and exciting, it can also be fraught with tension and conflict. The pressure of being a public figure, coupled with the egos and personalities of the people involved, can lead to clashes and misunderstandings.

Hopefully, Highmore’s experience was a one-off and he has since found himself in more pleasant environments. But his story serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of treating people with dignity and respect, whether they are guests, staff members, or fellow hosts.

In conclusion, Freddie Highmore’s revelation about being stuck in a broom closet on another talk show has sparked interest and raised important questions about the culture of some talk shows. While some hosts are known for their warmth and kindness, others have been criticized for creating a toxic work environment. Highmore’s experience is a reminder that the world of television can be cutthroat and fraught with tension, but it is also a reminder of the importance of treating people with decency and respect.

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